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NASAH - feels surreal

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I was just sent home after a week in the ICU after a NASAH. Initially doctors thought it was an aneurysm, but multiple CT scans, an MRI and an Angiogram all showed no evidence of an aneurysm. 


I was lucky because my bleed was "small." All of the blood has already been reabsorbed. I feel pretty good but I have a sore neck, headaches, and generally I'm just tired. 


I think what I'm struggling with the most is just accepting this happened at all. It feels so surreal. I was supposed to run a marathon 8 days after my SAH happened. I'm pretty dang healthy, no alcohol, no smoking, low BP, etc. Does anyone else have a hard time knowing how to feel about this? It's a big deal but I'm ok... I'm ok but it's a big deal... It's been messing with my mind. 


It's nice to see a forum. I love seeing some people talking about exercise again. How do you trust your body to be strong again after something like this??


I look forward to hearing more from you all :)



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Hi Karissa, as a recent SAH survivor (or as I like to call it my "Nicola" Sturgeon)and relative BTG noobie, end of January this year, hello from Daniel, you are lucky to have found BTG so quickly, the best help and kindest people I have found since getting out of hospital..


Firstly you sound like you are doing amazingly well, if you feel that well now I would believe you will make a great recovery, keep being positive..


You have asked a very similar question to how I have been feeling recently 

2 hours ago, Karissa said:

I think what I'm struggling with the most is just accepting this happened at all. It feels so surreal.


What's happened to me makes no sense and i also feel like ...did that really happen to me, was my life that close to being over or changed forever.. I look the same (sadly put a few KG on from being so inactive since) seem to function in all departments... 😀


Why?    How?     Did I bring it on myself?     If I did will I bring another one to get me? (Law of expectations now in play?)


You sound from your post like you are fit and healthy and rather clean living in many respects....


I on the other hand have been a poor owner of my body, truly thought I was indestructible, was fit and sporty but had vices worse than Nick Hancock...


Which, if what I have been told by all the medics I have asked means a resounding NO to questions 3 and 4 ...


There seems to be no answer to why an apparently fit healthy person has a No Cause Nicola....which is wholly and completely unfair and wrong.... for me it's almost worse than what actually happened 


I have asked this forum for data, statistics, where can I drill down and get answers to those questions.....having scoured the Internet and spoken to a couple of high profile medical people what have I found..


I sadly have to admit my conclusion, which is the killer punch, so if you are data / information driven be ready to be disappointed....


There is no answer .... life's lottery... random...


I don't want to be a pessimist I am by nature optimistic... but I always took life for granted...


Daniel's coping strategy...


Maybe what happened is a nudge... to value your life every day, enjoy and show that you care to those special people around you, every day is a gift, value what you have...


Be satisfied, be happy... sounds simple but that's the way I am trying to deal with it....


I too am struggling to make sense of the whole thing so if you find any answers please let me know....


On your final point again something I have been trying to work out... when and how do you start to trust your body again??... because 5 months in I sure don't... I was told I would be back on a tennis court and full contact boxing in 6 months ...not a chance... (I freak out inside with every tingle and sensation in my head or neck)


My damage was psychological rather than physical I am sure... maybe that's an avenue to look down too for answers....


I wish you every success in your recovery and search for answers I will gladly answer any questions I can for you but defer to all the longer term members here that have given me so much sound advice..


Take care and as I said before... most important of all... Be Happy 


Take care D x 




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Hello Karissa, yeah, your story is similar to mine. It hit me while I was on one of my routine bike rides in the hills near my home--seems these things tend to happen while exercising. As for the "why," the way I look at it, my body is performing a lot of functions through a lot of different systems all at once, and every now and then something is bound to go wrong. All those blood vessels, and one just happened to have a little rupture. I'm just glad that a NASAH is all that happened.


As for building up your exercise again, it's best just to start small and incrementally grow the level of activity. 6 months ago after my discharge I could barely make it up and down the two flights of stairs at my building. I'm now back to the same level of exercise of where I was, but it was a gradual process. And I still get headaches and fatigue--just mild versions of what I used to have. And if you do yoga, don't let your head go upside down for a while!


You'll notice a theme on this forum--when you get discharged, they generally tell people they'll be back to normal in no time, but they don't tell you that recovering can be a very slow and frustrating process with lots of headaches, neckaches, and fatigue. Best advice there is to just go with it, listen to your body, and take this time to slow things down as you recover. It does get better, especially if you're fundamentally healthy. And you'll have good days and bad days--healing does not happen in a linear fashion, but in fits and starts. 



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Hi Karissa and welcome to BTG


Before you resume any kind of exercise please check with your own GP / Specialist as we cannot give medical advice here; and this includes advice as to when / how to resume any form of exercise after SAH.


Acceptance about what has happened and accepting the "new" you is a difficult one.  I liken my recovery almost like the stages of grief: - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.  And as you can see, acceptance is last - and I think I even skipped denial and went straight for anger!!! You will need time to process what has happened before you can even begin to accept it. 


This site holds a wealth of information and experience and has been a god send for many - me included.  There are many people here who will help you on your journey and aid the navigation of the minefield of emotions that come with it.


Take care


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Hi Karissa :) 


A very warm welcome to BTG.

Some really helpful posts above from Dan, Rory and Sami. 

Its still very early days for you and all that you are feeling and going through is totally normal. You are doing really well :) 


It is a life changing event that turns your whole life upside down. You go from feeling so grateful to be alive to frustration you are not the person you used to be. It is also very hard for your loved ones too. Be kind to yourself and take one step at a time. I was scared to go outside on my own at first, mine happened out of the blue as i was walking up my drive. I was totally healthy in everyway and such a shock. Thank goodness my lovely husband was in at the time.  


Things do get better with time and it gets easier to accept 'the new you' :) 

As Sami has said BTG is a Godsend with all its caring support and information. So pleased you found us. We look forward to hearing more from you.


Wishing you well, take care,

Tina xx





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