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SAH and the future

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Having had one SAH and an aneurysm clipped, does anyone know what the risk of future SAH might be? My family told me that the surgeon told them it was a congenital weakness but I read that aneurysm can develop over time. Does anyone know? I suppose either could well be true.......

Enjoy your Saturday Evening folks... I will be watching Strictly....

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Mel as Janet says there can be all sorts of reasons for an SAH, in most of us we don't know they are there. At least those of us who have had one know at least that the docs will keep an eye out for any problems, hence the returns for scans, so that aspect is lucky for us;-) I gather that because we can control much with medication the likliehood of further haemorrhage is much reduced :)

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Hi there Mel yes they are both true and I often used to sit and wonder was my surgeon right was I born with them or did they grow over time, but then I come to my conclusion does it really matter, in one way yes cause if I was born with them it's unlikely I will have anymore if I wasn't then because I was 23 when it ruptured more could come. However on the other hand I thought well these took 23 yrs to grow so its still unlikely that they would grow again, so all I can say is live your life for now don't worry to much about the future worry about it when you get there. Jess.xxx

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