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Scary sensations

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Has anyone suffered numbness in their mouth, tongue, lips, and the fingers of both hands following the coiling of an aneurysm?...

I was informed a few days after my op that there was a slight complication during the op due to Vasospasm (the vessels going into spasm, kind of like a seizure I believe) which apparently caused me some initial left-sided weakness but that seems to have rectified itself now.

I do get a little bit anxious whenever I get any kind of numbness or tingly feelings in my body, as although I have had the aneurysm coiled (apparently successfully) I do feel as though I have a little timebomb ticking in my head.

Anyone(everyone?) else feeling the same?


Kelley x


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Hi Kelly, Merrill my wife had a coiling and a cranoitomy, so hers is a bit different from yours but she had numbness in her head and face and often in her legs at night, as for a little time bomb in your head, the surgeons take the view that once the anni is coiled or clipped then the problem has been dealt with and you are at no more risk than the rest of the population, and i think i'm right in saying rebleads are rare,so try not to worry too much. Best wishes Rod

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Hi Kelley,

I had all sorts of odd pains and sensations for many, many months after the bleed. My teeth were also ultra sensitive after the coiling and brushing them gave me the most weird feeling, almost as if I was plugged into a socket .... hard to describe, but very unpleasant. Most problems, seem to have gone, but I do still get the odd weird sensation.

It's only natural to feel anxious, especially in the early weeks and months as recovery starts to take place. I don't think that I've ever met an SAH'er that hasn't experienced any anxiety and only with time and confidence that nothing awful is going to happen again, does this seem to lessen.

However, I would always advise that if you're worried about any physical symptoms that you are having to go and have a chat to your GP, who should check you out. They may not be able to give you the answer as to why you're experiencing these sensations, but there's no harm in having your blood pressure checked out etc and it will hopefully put your mind at ease a little. If you're feeling extreme anxiety, then this is also worth mentioning to your GP and they may be able to help you on that front. Mine did and I was prescribed a beta blocker.

Good luck Kelley and it does get better .... xx

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Hi Kelly

I remember well the anxiety. I would wake up during the night thinking it was happening again. So much so I slept with the light on for several weeks, didn't like waking up in the darkness.

During my procedure (the first part when you are awake) I lost all sensation down my left arm. Both the professor and consultant neuroradiologist couldn't tell me why it happened. They think I have a nerve where I shouldn't!

In the early weeks of my recovery I would get odd sensations along the lefthandside of my tongue. I would feel a sort of pressure at the back of my neck (I have my left vertebral artery coiled off as well as the aneurysm) which would continue along my tongue and it would go numb. I very easily get pins and needles in my left arm, hand and fingers. I also get pins and needles down my right leg and foot. If I get very tired my left arm can get quite shaky. However, I am left handed and am still able to write very easily. This numbness has eased over time. I now think that it was caused by the healing the process. It probably took about 6 months for it to ease and now I only get a very slight numbness on my tongue.

You are doing amazingly well, it took months for me to even think about looking at the computer!

I've emailed you a link to information on SAH, I hope you find it useful.

Liz D xx

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Liz, you and me both with having to sleep with the light on! It was many months before I could sleep in the dark and can remember buying one of those childrens plug in night lights .... I still don't like sleeping in complete darkness, especially when I've been on holiday in the sticks and there's no street lighting ... I leave the curtains open! :lol:

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Hi Karen

I still sleep with the door slightly open and the upper hall light on! Although with all this snow (we just over 2 feet) I'm sleeping with the curtains open and let the light reflected from it in!

This is why this site is so amazing, there's always some one who can relate to even the smallest thing!

Liz xx

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Ah-ha, it's so good to know these feelings/sensations are ok and not unusual.

I did have a dr appointment this morning but it got cancelled due to weather conditions. Then I missed the call from the dr this morning...so he's gonna call back again at 4pm. I do have an appointment booked next week so am gonna discuss all sensations, feelings, anxiety etc then.

Thank you to all of you!

Liz, I have also been sleeping with the door ajar and the hall light on....more so cos I am drinking so much and getting up to go to the toilet all the time!... ;o)

OMG 2 feet of snow?! and they think we have problems down south with a few inches of the white stuff... lol

Kelley xx

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Hi Kelley

I'll just join in with everyone else and say that weird sensations seem to be a common occurrence, they certainly happened to me and the GP seems totally clueless about what they are!! I think most of us victims gradually become more knowledgeable about the after effects of SAH than the average GP, mine seems to be have learning with me as we go along!

Don't be alarmed, the weird sensations do seem to pass in time, or at least significantly reduce in frequency, I won't claim I never get them now, but at least they are a lot less frequent.

As for the weather, well I used to complain when I lived in Wokingham that we never got any decent snow down there (I'm a northerner) now you seem to have it all and we've got a measly covering, not even enough to go sledging on :-)

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Hi there

weird sensations I was told it was just healing taking place...

In time the feeling that its going to happen again will get less & less as time passes by I felt that a lot when I first got home it got better....

take care

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Hey there

I was told that the trickling sensation is the blood be reabsorbed by the body after the bleed. I used to get a vice like gripping sensation at the back of my head too, but it soon went and now I only get it if I'm over tired or haven't drank enough fluids.

The sudden twangs and twinges used to send me into panic over drive too - I still get them occasionally - and after the slight panic - I know I'll be OK.

Like Karen said thi, if you're unsure or really anxious then contact your GP and ask if they can at least give you the low down on what to expect during recovery - if they can't make sure you write down any questions you have to ask your Specialist when you have your follow up appointment.

In the meantime, I'm sure there's someone on here that will have experienced something similar to what you're going through.

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