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Hi all, I've a question on something i was wondering about, Merrill has been on Citalopram for anxiety now for a couple of months now and her anxiety has improved a lot her sleeping has improved too, is that medication something they would leave her on or at some stage should she come off that, also she takes Ramipril for bp, i think that is something she will stay on, am i right about that thanks Rod

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Ramipril is a long term medication but it may be changed for an alternative or withdrawn if BP becomes too low with them or within normal limits without them. Be aware that one of the common side effects of Ramipril is a dry tickly cough which can appear after quite a long time on them and it is very annoying.

Sorry can't answer the other part of your question.

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Rod, my GP reviews my meds and my medical situation every 6 months now .... I take a beta blocker for anxiety and also for migraine with aura and heart flutters...I have done so, for 3 years.

I would imagine that the GP would regularly monitor and review Merrill's situation re: anxiety, as hopefully with recovery time, the anxiety should lessen. At this present time, I mainly take the beta blocker to control the migraines, as the anxiety has certainly improved and to be honest, if I didn't experience migraines, then I would stop taking the beta blocker, as everything seems to have unwanted side effects.

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Hi Rod

I am on ramipril 5mg and 2.5 mg and indapamide for bp.

still taking amitryptaline 20mg not got any higher with that one yet was told to increase to 50mg a night slowly over 5 weeks but locum gp said leave it at 20mg for now. I will be seeing my neurologist in february hopefully for results of my lumbar puncture and electro mg test on my leg/foot.

Sorry cant help with the other tablets rod.

Love Michelle c

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