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Great News!

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Hi Everyone

Just had my first check up at Addenbrookes - 3 months post op following SAH on 7th October. I went armed with a list of questions and am pleased to say got a big tick next to every question. After being told initially that i was banned from driving for 6 months i have been told today that i can now apply for my licence back :-D

Also am allowed to start a gradual return to work !!! Excellent as i am climbing the walls at home every day and i am also allowed to fly. Me and the friend i was in Turkey with at the time of my SAH are now planning our return trip to Turkey for June of this year.

I have been discharged from Addenbrookes which seems a bit soon but am not sorry as it takes over two hours to get there from my house.

All in all a fantastic result today, i feel i am able to start looking forward to the rest of my life now - a lot sooner than i had anticipated.

Hope everyone is well and keeping warm in this dreadful weather.:-P

Take care everyone.


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Hi Debbie

That is brilliant news!

I was initially told upon discharge from hospital that I am not able to drive for at least one month, but have so far not been able to get through to DVLA to check this.

Your story was scary. My goodness, you were very lucky being okay with the flight back home! That's certainly not a holiday you will forget!

Good luck with the return to work and getting your licence back. And have a fab holiday in June!

Take care

Kelley x

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Hey there

Great news - so so pleased for you. It's a good feeling knowing that you're getting some of your pre-SAH life back, but like Jan said - remember to take it easy at first and allow your brain toget used to it again -drink plenty and rest when you get home - but in the meantime - YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

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