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Hi guys

Karen hope you don't mind me posting this xxx

This is not SAH related (mum has a series of different conditions is one is really rare) but I know I can rely on you lot to help me! As most of you know my mum now can't walk at all and has to be hoisted everywhere. She used to get lower mobility DLA cover but now obviously she can't walk at all we thought and have been told that she can get higher.

We asked the DWP to assess her again and they have come back and said no. we rang them again and they said they would look again at the claim and today we have had a letter saying no. We plan to appeal but don't know what we need to do. Can anyone help??


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Hi Laura Ring DLA and tell them you are going to appeal and to send you the GL24 form I think it is. You must register your appeal within 28 days of the decision. You need to opt for an oral appeal. Once you have done this you have to prepare a submission.

Really you should have gone straight for appeal as the decision is looked at again as part of the appeal proccess, thus saving time.

You will not get high rate mobility if your mum doesn't go out.

Does she get the care component?

You really need help from a Welfare Rights Adviser. You may find one at the Citizens Advice Bureau or your County or District Council may employ them. Look under Welfare Rights in the phone book. Appeals with the help of a WRA have a much higher chance of success as does an oral appeal.

For someone to help with the appeal if you are finding it difficult to find a WRA you could look on the Community Legal Advice website. There is a link at the bottom of the page on the left to find an adviser in your area. They will only help over the phone if you are eligable for legal aid.

I could direct you to a website for help if you do it yourself but there is a membership fee.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Laura,

No problem at all!

Personally, I would contact the Citizens Advice Bureau http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/index.htm which is run by volunteers and won't cost a penny ... the CAB is normally run by professional people that have legal knowledge, such as retired Solicitors etc...and who can advise you, as to the best way to proceed and may help you out with any form filling, in order that you get the result that you want.

It seems to be the norm, that with DLA that you have to fight and appeal for any money or for a higher level of benefit.... and that's perhaps, where the CAB are useful.

The Different Strokes website used to have a lot of info and help/guidance on DLA, so it may be worth looking on there too....

Wishing you the very best of luck. xx

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Hi Karen and Penny

Thanks for your help. I will try and get hold of the CAB on Monday morning. Mum does go out Penny but only when she is hoisted into the wheelchair and took out by either me or my sister etc because she can't push it for herself. Do you think that will make a difference? I will ring them and ask for the appeals form as well.

Yes she does get high care component. Will that make a difference then?

I did think about the different strokes website before loggin on here. Will take a look tomorrow because off out with Simon's bro and sister in law tonight.

Thank you xxx

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Yes she does get high care component. Will that make a difference then?

No, I just wondered if she was getting the correct level of care.

Mum does go out Penny but only when she is hoisted into the wheelchair and took out by either me or my sister etc because she can't push it for herself. Do you think that will make a difference?

That shouldn't make any difference. If I remember rightly there is a question about walking and your mum is unable to do this. DLA is about the help needed, therefore she could in theory be paying someone to take her out.

Just make sure you get the GL 24 form back withing 28 days and you could put further evidence/information to follow later. That is allowed. Also collect as much evidence as you can from GP's and Consultants and make sure that they realise the severity of your mum's problems as often DLA will contact to them.

The appeal process is a long drawn out thing and it may be months before the appeal is held, unless the award is altered on reconsideration. If it is successful all monies will be backdated to the original application.

Please be aware that they can look at the care component as well. A qualified WRA will be able to ascertain if the care award is "safe". In my opinion, and I am not a professional, it should be, but who knows how their minds work

Sadly Karen is right and even people who deserve DLA are having to fight for it.

I personally think you need to find a WRA that is not from the CAB because I have heard that they are in league with DWP, may or may not be true. You do not need legal help but help from an adviser trained in Benefits.

From doing a search for your area your Law Centre has specialist welfare benefits advisers.


I hope to post this link is permitted.

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Hi Laura,

Hope things are getting sorted out with your Mums DLA.

It might be worth getting in touch with your local "Princess Royal Trust for Carers" depending on what that particular project offers, they may have a benefits advisor. You could also find out what other services are available to you as your mums carer. e.g many projects offer complimentry therapy for carers counselling and support.


Good Luck

Aine xox

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Hi Laura

Good luck with the reassessment, the advice everyone has given you here is brilliant. What I would add is does your mum have an occupational therapist? or perhaps a social worker who has assessed her needs? If you she has and you can get either of these people to add to the report it should help you.

As these people have an excellent knowledge of the help your Mum needs on a daily basis.

I managed to get DLA, not for my aneurysms but for Rheumatoid Arthritis, my O.T. submitted a report which I enclosed with the application. They later wrote to my O T for further info, and I was awarded DLA.

good luck


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Hi all

Thanks for all the PMs and posts here. We have now recieved a letter from the DWP saying that they have written to her consultant for a full picture. She does have an OT, physio, carers 4 times a day and social worker so maybe we could ask them all to add to the report. If they write a report then can we forward it to the DWP as part of the evidence or do they need to send it??

You've all been brill- thanks

Will update you when know more.....

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Yes certainly ask all the others for reports and forward them. Keep copies and send them by recorded mail. The more evidence the better, you cannot have too much.

Her consultant may not know the full picture and certainly not of day to day life. Besides which, consultants often do not reply to the DWP. It may be an idea to contact his secretary to find his views on doing reports. Even if you get a positive answer still submit any extra evidence you are able.

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