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Nasah, severe sciatica and butt pain, night sweats

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Hi there my husband suffered what the doctors are calling a non anuerysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (because they couldn't find a reason for it) Oct 4 at about midnight. We had just finished being intimate when he started to have an intense headache the worst he's ever felt. About a couple minutes later he had passed out on me for 2 minutes. In that time I was screaming for him to respond as I was calling emergency.


He came to as I was giving operator our address. By the time he medics came he was drenched in sweat. Sitting down his BP was 118/70 when he stood up for them it dropped to 96/60. They took him in and found a subarachnoid haemorrhage near the brain stem on CT scan. They transferred him to a different hospital that could better help him. They did ultrasounds of the brain and an angiogram as well as a second angiogram the same day he was discharged. He was in the hospital 7 days went home the 8th.


It's now been 13 days since he first passed out on me and went to the hospital. He's on pain meds, nimodipine every 4 hours and his regular meds he was taking prior to for blood pressure and such. He had been on brilinta for 6 months prior to this happening due to a stent in his lad artery. They stopped brilinta and have him on plavix now because less risk of bleeding.


I dont know if the brilinta caused him to have nasah but I have my suspicions. Not asking for medical advice on this just curious if anyone else was on brilinta when they had a sah or nasah. my reason for writing this is he's been having major severe pain in his lower back and butt and hip area.. also noticing he is having really bad sweats every time he goes to sleep.


Has anyone else dealt with the severe pain in lower back, butt and hip area? And have you had really bad sweats when sleeping? What is your story? I'm still really shook up over the whole thing because it happened after being intimate. Any advice, testimony etc would be helpful.

Blessings to all of you and I look forward to getting to know you and any help through this.


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Hi Crystal, I too had a NASAH and had the severe back pain which radiated down my legs. I was told this was the blood dissipating down the spinal column. It passed after a couple of weeks. I'm not so sure about the hot sweats - I was menopausal when mine happened so would have probably put sweats down to that.


Check out my profile and you will see my story, I've put the link below   


I can't comment on the medication being the cause of the bleed, we aren't allowed to give medical advice. Check out your theories with your Neuro unit and ask if there could be a link.

He's early days so tell him to take it easy, rest and drink plenty of water.


I was out running when I had my bleed, but I know that quite a few people here on BTG were being 'intimate' when their event happened, I think it is fairly common for it to happen when you are exerting yourself. Try not to worry too much, the chance of having another NASAH is very low.


There are plenty of stories on the site which will tell you how others have recovered well, take a look at them and get your husband to take a look too.


Take care and welcome to Behind the Gray.



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  • Crystal changed the title to Nasah, severe sciatica and butt pain, night sweats

Hi Crystal,


I too had a bleed with no aneurysm found.  I too had the pain in my back and they said I had blood in my spinal column, mine also went away.  I also had pain in my buttock right side that they thought was the periformis muscle...Perhaps it was also from the blood in my spine, I really am not sure.  


I hope your husband finds each day to be a bit better.  It is a slow process and so hard to be patient waiting to feel like yourself.  


I did not have a problem with sweats.  

My best wishes to you both




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I had a NASAH about 2 years ago, and I also had the back pain radiating down the legs that went on for a couple of weeks. Terrible, but it went away. The headaches took longer to subside, but it all eventually did. I was not on the drug your husband was.

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