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Feels like my head is in a Vice ;-(

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Hi everyone,

I dont wan't to sound as if im "going on" but for the past week it feels like the back of my head is in a vice !! Constant preasure to the back of it ! I have only had a few days WITHOUT headaches since my SAH too and its getting me down ;-( Admittingly ignoring or fighting my tireness in the day will not help i'm sure !!!

I'm not enjoying to heat either, but my girls love playing in the garden etc so whats a girl to do !

I braved it it and rang Headway on Thursday afternoon asking for a support group in my area as i feel as i have not accepted what has happened to me.(Admins) he was intersted in when i told him the only place i have recieved support was on HERE, he said he was going to look this site up)

I'm getting to the point that i feel like screaming now as i have not cried since it happened and don't think thats normal !?

Any-how sorry peeps, i have an hour before i do the school pick up and have friend coming down as we walk together xx

Enjoy the rest of your day xx

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Hi Karen

I'm not a professional, but I can read between the lines.

May I suggest that you seek help from your GP.

I feel also, you really need to talk to someone, about what has happened to you.

Your not alone in how you are feeling. Don't be scared of expressing your feelings.

Please take care. There is some very useful information on this site, I'm sure someone will point you in the right direction if you were to ask.

Your not alone-this on-line family, has been a great help to many.

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Hi Karen,

I know that you will probably scream at me, but it's really v.early days for you and the headache and vice like grip, isn't abnormal ... however, if you feel that a trip to the GP is needed to get your BP checked out etc, then you need to go....

Can you get somebody to help you pick up with the school run or to lose it completely, well at least until you're feeling better? .... You really need to get some back up with the practicalities of running a home and looking after young children.

I know that it's hard to let go and let other people take the reigns, but it sounds as though you need to rest and the best time to do that, is when the kids are at school. After having a SAH, I think that you need to take a different "mindset" and prioritise, as you probably can't do or should I say, that your brain won't let you do, what you were doing before the SAH.

You need to give yourself some time to heal and have a rest each day. If I can help, then please feel free to PM me, but you really need to sit down with your husband and family and get them to chip in with the practicalities...

It's definitely not unusual to feel that everything is overwhelming post SAH or accepting that we've been through a major trauma .... and we all try to get back to "normal" too early, but find that our brain doesn't let us do that .... which is perhaps a good thing, as it does take time to heal and longer than many of us are told. xx

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Hi Karen

I agree with the other Karen - in everything she says.

I had that vice like gripping for about a year - it was due to pushing myself to quickly and not resting enough. It's also a symptom of the blood being reabsorbed by the body. Do you get a feeling across your scalp thats mid way between a tickle and a trickle?? Thats common but unexplained.

You really do need to rest more and get help like Karen said. If you are worried though, definitely go to see your GP.

I didn't cry until about a month after mine - and then all the emotions hit at once and I was referred to a counsellor - it was brilliant. I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Take care hun and feel free to PM me if you want to chat more.

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Hi Karen, I agree with everything the others before me have said.It realy is early days for you and whilst recovery is different for us all I think it fair to say that we all needed time and lots of help with the practicalities of living. I know it's difficult when you have always held the reigns but like Karen says you need time out to heal. I couldn't come to terms with my SAH for a very long time and didn't give into the tears until recently. I was a regular visitor to this site and found all the comments and remarks useful,little things mean alot and I listened . One of the things I remember listening to was that a few months really is early days and sadly I was no different to anyone else. Do listen to your body and rest up. I wish I could help you. Maggiex

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Hi Karen

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough.

I did get bad headache and occassional migraines for about 4 weeks after I came out of hospital (so about 6 weeks after my SAH). I took all the painkillers regularly, and managed to reduce the tramadol over the weeks though, just taking paracetamol for pain relief.

Like the others have said you should try to get some help from others, and get as much rest as you can.

I was able to get counselling early on through my work, and happened to see a trained trauma counsellor. She had worked with survivors of the 7/7 bombings in London.

She helped me realise that what I was experiencing was 'Post Traumatic Stress'... I remember saying to her that "soldiers who have been on the front-line suffer from that, how could I possibly have that!" but it does covers any kind of traumatic incident or circumstances. It definitely made me realise that what I was experiencing was: expected, okay and normal for someone to experience. I wasn't going mad, I wasn't being overly dramatic - I was simply reacting to the situation I had been in. A sudden life-threatening situation.

I do hope you can be referred for counselling with your GP, or that they can write to your Neuro specialists to request Neuro-Psychology, as that seems to be a great help to others also.

Take care

Kel x

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Hi karen,

I know how you feel re the vice feeling at the back of your head. It has been 12 months since my SAH and I still feel the occasional pressure at the back of my head. If I was trying to explain the pressure I was feeling to anyone I would liken it to having a very tight rubber band around my head. I also feel the trickling sensation. It's almost feels like my hair needs a good wash and I would love to give it a good scratch.

I haven't received any counselling since my SAH but I sure wish I had done so. It has been a long hard road to travel on my own and I would recommend that if you are struggling to definitely seek help.

It must be so hard for you with young children and having to try and keep a household running. Please do rest up and try and take things easy. Easier said than done, I know.



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I second what everyone else has said! You must cut yourself some slack. My SAH was in Feb and I'm STILL coming to terms with it, when at first I was all "oh, I'm fine, I survived, it's nothing"!! Just last night I had a long talk with the other half, and he says I'm like the Tazmanian Devil, but I feel if I don't do it, no one else will. I have been told by the neuropsychologist to tell them I can't do this all by myself - even though I want to. I really can't stress enough how great it is to have the psychologist to talk to. She is making me realise this is actually a big thing that I (we!) have gone through and it will take a LOOOONG TIME to get better, but that it is only temporary. Hard to accept, but there you are... Take care x

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