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Follow up Appt with Neuroradiologist

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I got a letter two weeks ago giving me a follow up appointment for the angio I had in February, even though they'd written to my GP saying everything was fine. I saw the neuroradiologist, Mr Sellar, who performed the coiling procedure. He showed me the scans, the before, the after and the 12 month after. Very interesting stuff. My aneurysm was unusual because it was a berry anni but without a stalk and it was dissecting the artery. The artery had a bend in it (where it should have been straight) and this is where the aneurysm formed. This was why he had to coil the vertebral artery because it would have bled again. They think, going by my history of symptoms, that I may have had about 6 bleeds! Although the first 4 were small bleeds, the 5th the SAH and the 6th a sequential bleed.

He believes that I had a stroke in my brain stem which caused the paralysis in my left arm, during the coiling procedure. They had told me they didn't know what had caused it but he says as I am still having problems with it and that I have some balance problems, then this is the most likely reason. The doc I saw last year in the outpatient clinic should have followed this up! I now have to be referred to my neurologist.

He also went into a bit of detail as to how sick I was. Apparently I was going into shock which was life threatening.

I found this all a bit overwhelming and have been a bit teary ever since! I don't understand why I'm so upset by this as I knew how poorly I was. I remember Mr Sellar telling me that he and his team were on call should they be needed sooner than the planned op. But I think it was when he told me, on Monday, that they needed to give me noradrenaline, it hit me. Yet I'm 17 months post SAH! I suppose it still takes me by surprise when the emotional stuff hits because I think I've dealt with it but it never seems to go away!

But on the positive side, he has told me that I don't have to come back and see them again as the artery has completey shrivelled and there is nothing else in there! They're there if I need them or have any questions but I don't need any more scans, YEH!! He also said my children should be checked once they reach 30 because of the family link but that will be up to them once they reach that age.

Sorry but I've rambled on a bit but needed to get it off my chest!

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Hi Liz :) Never say sorry xx Glad you got it off your chest! What an emotional time you have had. I can empathize completely. Great news you don't have to go back....what a relief ! The emotional side takes a long time to get over...i am at 2yrs 7 months and still have my moments. Don't be so hard on yourself.....wise words said to me a long time ago by Karen....please take care Liz...love Tina xx

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hi liz

what a smack in the face even after all this time im pleased you don't have to go back just try and put as much as you can behind you enjoy life never say sorry thats what we are here for good or bad you just go for it now sweetheart enjoy as much as you can then grab a bit more every so often

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Hi Liz,

That's really good news! :-D Yep, the emotions often lurk in the background ... I know that they still do for me too! :wink: Glad that you felt able to share it with us and wishing you all good things for the future! :-D xx

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Aw Liz,

No wonder you wanted to get it off your chest! I'm not sure if the emotional turmoil of it all ever leaves us - I think we get chance to put it at the back of our minds, then something comes along to bring it all to the fore again - no wonder you have been a little tearful. You have done amazingly well Liz - your strength will no doubt return especially as you do not have to go for any more scans - that must be a great feeling.

Take Care,


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Tina, Paul, Karen, Jen, Sarah and Momo, thank you so much.

I was doing so well, with being back at work that this came out of the blue! But you're right Sarah, we do push it to the back of our minds but it knocks you sideways when it comes back! The last time this happened I thought, right remember the signals and remember that it passes! But I didn't see the signs and when I was low I forgot to remind myself that it passes! But hearing from you all gave me the jolt that I needed, thank you. xx

I'm feeling much better today. One of the chaps I'm working with, his partner is a friend of my best friend. He got her to phone my chum to say that he thought I was a bit down this week! So she popped in last night and we spent ages chatting about my daughter's wedding! One of the other chaps sat with me for the last 45mins today, just chatting and asking me about what happened, so I told him. He also asked how it was when I came back to work last December and was shocked at how I had been treated. They really are wonderful chaps and I'll be sorry that tomorrow is my last day working in this office. But come Monday I'll be working in the psychological services unit with the psychologists for two months! Not only will I be able to "pick their brailns" but I'm sure they'll be very understanding, so I'm looking forward to that.

Thanks again!

Forgot to say, yes it's a huge joy that I no longer need any more scans!

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That is terrible that your symptoms were not followed up properly...so frustrating when these things suddenly come to light!...even though you were told they didn't know what had caused your paralysis initially!?... :crazy:

I am glad to read that you are feeling a bit better today. Sounds like your colleagues and friends have rallied round for you, which is fantastic! (after the trouble you went through when you returned to work initially...)

Good luck working with the psychological services unit, yes they will hopefully come in very handy; and I am sure they could have some techniques/ideas they can sound out with you to see how well they work! It is worth asking about really :)

And it is brilliant news that you don't need any more scans! :thumbsup::D

Take care

Kel x

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