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How soon were you allowed to drive again?

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I've jsut completed my V1 & B1 form for the dvla & jsut wondered how amny of you had a short suspension of your licence & how you find driving again after an SAH (I had the SA but not the H).

I have double vision & at present it's to severe to corect with prisms so my right lens is fogged with tape at the moment. my vision in each eye is fine ut they don't work together so will that mean I'm not allowed to drive for a while?:frown:

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I had my SAH 11th December 2009, and was coiled 18th December 2009.

I got my licence back 20th February 2010 so was only unable to drive for 2 months.

Initially it was a bit scary driving again, but I went out with my mum a few times on short journeys to get used to it and over the months I have built up the distance I have driven, resulting in being able to drive alone to from Slough to Torquay (and back unfortunately...:lol:) in June.

I hope you are not long without your licence.

I did not send the DVLA my licence though, I just filled out the forms. They did not ask for it, so as soon as I got through to someone on a Saturday morning (after trying all week) I was then able to drive straightaway as I still had my documents if needed.

Kel x

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Hi there,

By law, we are not allowed to drive for the first 4 weeks. However if you feel upto it, there is a pre-worded letter that you can take to your doctor. It is then up to them, if they allow you to drive or not. Meanwhile the DVLA keep investigating your case.

I'm thinking of doing this but will give the DVLA Medical Group a bell first. Don't forget to tell your insurer !!!!:frown:

HOWEVER, it does sound like your doctor wouldn't allow you to anyway because of your vision.

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My SAH was on the 21st November 2009 and I underwent coiling on the 23rd November.

I saw my Consultant in April 2010 and he determined that it was ok to drive. Things were cleared with the DVLA by May 2010.

As Gary says, tell your insurers. They're generally fine if the medical profession and the DVLA allow you to drive, but best to tell them. An insurance company will try to invalidate any claim given half the chance!

I found driving fine after my SAH. I kept the journeys very short to begin with. I haven't tried a long journey yet, because I get fatigued.

To echo Gary again, it's the vision element that may be the greatest concern at present.

You're still very early into your recovery. Don't put too much pressure on yourself at present. I know it's frustrating and I remember how I wanted my old life back immediately. It's taken me eight months to finally respect the pace of the healing that's going on inside.

Take care

L xxx

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Thanks Lin Lin I am jsut soo impatient as you will soon realise!

My insurers already know about the SA as my policy wsa due for renewal whilst I was in hospital. At the moment my insurance is lapsed as I can't drive but when I can I will write offcially.

My eye Cons yesterday toldme indivdually my eyesight is fine to drive but together it's blurred so one lens is fogged/taped. He is of the opinion I can drive but it all depends on the DVA & I admit to bein nervous about driving with only one eye but it's mainly just local trips & I wouln't do motorways until my eye is much better:devil:

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Hi Bagpuss,

As you know, I was able to drive, as long as I corrected the double vision in to single vision and that was the condition from the DVLA. It does mean a lot more head turning and that, in itself is pretty tiring. However, I believe that people that are blind in one eye, can still drive.

I think that there is a different criteria if you've had coiling v clipping and every case is individual....as is, if you had seizures during or after the SAH or had a shunt fitted. Would definitely advise that you contact the DVLA about your own personal case, when you feel that you're ready to drive again.

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Hey there and welcome

I had m y SAH at the end of August 2006, surrendered by licence September 2006 and was driving again December 2006.

As far as I'm aware it depends on your GP's and Specialists reports as to how long it takes to get your licence back.

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