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My Angio

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Hi Eveybody hope yous are all keeping well.

I thought i would let yous know how i got on with ny follow up angio

Had the procedure done on Thursday past, it wasn't as bad this time as i found it last year

Found the insertion of the catheter via the groin, a bit uncomfortable , but it soon passed

Strange sensations in your head when the dye was being injected, really weird.

The hard part for me was having to lie for the 6hrs after ,couldn't sleep so the male nurse got me a wee television. Think he was fed up with me when he came in to do Neuro obs,asking him if i could sit up a wee bit:lol:

Finally six hours later he gave me the go ahead, but i had to mobilize for a bit

I must admit i felt totally spaced out, but put it down to having to lie flat for that space of time.

The Radioligist who carried out the procedue came up to see me, to check if i was feeling ok and to check the puncture site

I asked him if everything looked alright with the images on the angio, he told me that he would need to compare them with the last ones, taken last year then they would need to be reviewd with my consultant.

I asked how long this could take because last time i waited 3mths for my results

He said they would try to review them soon and get the results out to my GP

Apart from that i feel really tired at times still getting that spaced out feeling a lot, and a very uncomfortable niggling sensation down my leg the side that the angio was performed on.

I will give it a week or so, to see if it settles

Has anyone else reading this had any of these symptons after they'r Angio

Sorry for rattling on as long

Take care eveyone xx

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Hi Angela,

Bet you're glad it's over and done with!

Yes, I had the same feelings after having a cerebral angiogram. They also wouldn't let me go after the bed rest, as my blood pressure had dropped considerably....so, I had to walk about for quite a while. If things don't feel right, especially with the groin area then get yourself checked out at the GP's.....hopefully it should all settle down over the next few days...

Put your feet up for a while. xx

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Hi Angela

Glad it all went well. I was really nervous about my follow up angio in February but I didn't find it nearly as bad as I thought it was going be and I also found it very uncomfortable (in fact I shreaked a very loud aaghh that made everyone jump!) when he tried to put the catheter in at first. Hopefully all will be well and you will get the results quickly.

I felt a bit spaced out too, but I put that down to being back in the hospital and remembering things that I'd forgotten. I got quite emotional in the days following it. My leg was a bit painful for about a week after, especially when going up and down stairs. But the puncture site was fine, only had a little bruising. But you should keep an eye on things and contact your doctor if you feel it's not getting better.

I'm glad you mentioned the strange sensation in your head, I got very dizzy and disoriented when the dye went in. Last year I kept my eyes closed both times but I couldn't close my eyes this time because of the dizziness and actually watched it all on the screen and the neuroradiologist kept pointing things out! Strangest conversation I've ever had!

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Hi Angela thanks for the TV it was still there when I went in on Friday.Good job as I couldnt find my new book on the Ipod.I am also glad you mentioned the wait time for results as I am sure I will not have mine in two weeks!!!!!The three months appears more realistic if going via the Neuro surgeon.That was my first Angio and it was less upsetting than I thought but i was quite high guess that was the stress of it all.:crazy:

Take Care

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