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So fed up

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hI everyone hope yous are all well.Sorry but think am going to have a bit of a moan

I'm feeling a bit down and totally pd off.

I posted to yous that i was away for my follow up Angio last week and all went well

I have been getting a lot of discomfort coming from the groin area ,down my leg into my calf. I woke up this morning and had a tingling sensation down the front of my leg and tightness time to get it checked i thought.

I phoned the S/Gen and asked to speak to a nurse for advice,as i was told to do if any problems arose.

The nurse said that all the Radioligists were in theatre(understand that no problems with that at all) and to phone my GP to see what he advised.

I was told to come up and i would need to wait no problems with that either

So i waited and waited 1hr 15mins later was called, by this time had numb bum syndrome and leg was jumping and sore.

Gets better with GP, i explained i had my Angio last week and what was happening with my leg,he examined me then asked me if i had broken a bone in my foot no to that 1

Then asked me what position i was in when i had my angio( i thought you had to be lying flat for this procedure:crazy:)

Anyway think he was stomped not as half as me:roll:

Then told me he thinks i have an infection in my artery and gave me 2 lots of antibiotics to take. I will try them if it helps after all doc knows best

I came out of docs feeling totally deflated and none the better

I am quite worried about my leg as this has never happend before after this procedure

Iwas told its not good for radioligists to go into he Femoral Artery to many times as this can cause problems and the artery could collapse.

I wll give it a few days to see how it goes but if it doesn't ease up i will phone S/Gen and seek advice

Sorry for the moan folks tomorrows another day and hopefully it will be a better 1

Take care all xx

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Hi Angela

It's ok to have a moan. I am sure I would be scared about it too, and would want to have a moan.

I would definitely call the hospital back. GP's are just that General Practitioners... they do not have specific neuro knowledge so I reckon you should double-check with the hospital. It can't harm to get a second opinion.

Hopefully it is just an infection and the antibiotics will clear it, but better to check and reassure yourself.

Take care

Kel x

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Hi, this sounds like another case of a GP not understanding what is going on. How many formal angio's have you had? I had three in two weeks including the one where i had stents put in. My consultant explained to me about how the artery heals and said nothing about "too many times" !

I would be asking for a second opinion from another GP and if you are still not happy go to your nearest A&E. I know that this sounds like over kill and you may feel that you are wasting their time BUT just remember what you have been through and all the possible complications.

GP's had me walking a mile to their surgery for three days before one had the idea that i might not "just have a migraine". I could be dead, get a second opinion, please.

All my F angio's where with me laying totally flat, my last one (for the stents), they even put a strap over my head to make sure that i didn't move.

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Please just present yourself at the Southern. If you are there, in front of their faces you're less likely to be fobbed off with them passing the work to others. I recently saw my own gp about numbness in my little finger. He said he'd refer me back to them, then called me an hour later to say "they said i'm to go to orthopaedics! Never had anything to do with them before. If I were you I'd force the issue.

Hope you get it sorted soon. Sally xx

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Hi Angela

I have never posted on this site before, although I've been reading it for nearly 2 years following my SAH. Your post has really worried me and I just have to reply to say go to the hospital NOW. My own experience is this. Last Christmas I had my second coiling procedure which went very well. However, a few days after the operation I noticed that my groin was 'uncomfortable'. Initially I put this down to being normal and expected after such an operation. After about 4 days after the op I noticed that I was having trouble lifting my leg so I visited by GP as a precaution. Within 24 hours I was back in hospital being diagnosed with an infection. There is no such thing as 'just an infection'. It is serious if bacteria gets inside and occasionally this happens. I had not picked up anything serious like MRSA just the common bacteria which we all carry on our skin. I was just unlucky. However, the microbiologist stressed the seriousness of the situation. Anyway, I had to stay in hospital for 7 days on a drip with very strong antibiotics followed by 4/5 weeks of oral antibiotics. All is well now. Please don't delay. Get to the hospital and get it checked out.

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These days I'm more an Observer....a Spectator but reading through these posts this struck me as good advice. Lorraine........your first Post could be the most important ever. Thankyou for sharing your more recent experience and infection not with standing your SAH.

So Angela are you listening?

Do it today...turn off your PC and go to the Hospital.

I honestly do not want to hear you saying "see how it feels tomorrow"

So catch you later Angela as (you go out of your door).

We will be here when you get back when you tell us the outcome.

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Hi Angela

Have just read this thread. Once again thank goodness for advice from fellow survivors! I'm lucky as my GP has seen quite a few SAH's in his time, he saw SAH's during a rotation when he was training and I trust his advice! I hope you are getting any treatment you may require at the moment and hope to hear from you soon.

Take care.

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Im new to this site as well, but not to the SAH process....go to the hospital. You have survived too much at this point to let a problem sneak in. I've learned with my own GP you have to push. YOU know your body better than any doctor and you know when something is not right. Let us know when you get back home.

Take care of yourself.

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