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Jst a question , i have waves of nausea. More so in the morning and in the night. I never throw up even when i had the SAH . what confuses me is that it comes and goes , i can have it for a few weeks then i start to feel better for a while then i can go down hill again where im back in bed in the days feel really unwell and have a headaches everyday!! Did anyone else have these ups and downs ? Thanks for reading :-D

Rhiann xxxxxx

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Hi Rhiann! I think all the UK folks must be fast asleep right now. In the beginning I had a lot of nausea. Sometimes I was ok and sometimes not. I figured at the time, it was because of all the medicines I was on, hormones went wacky, and just the body being so out of sorts. That went away after the about 8 weeks. The headaches however, were continual. I had a constant headache that was just always there! Sometimes it would get worse and I would have migraines and sharp pinpoint pains. I did work w/my neurologist, with trying different meds. for the headaches. Just in the past couple months, the headaches have come less frequently and are less intense. If I've been too active or at work for too long, I do get headaches. But they are still no where near as bad as they were earlier on. It has certainly gotten better for me with time. Do check in with your doctor, though, if the headaches persist or become worse. There is help out there!

Take care, drink A LOT of water, and get plenty of rest. :-D

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Hi rhiann

I didnt seem to feel nausea only in hospital. But the ups and downs deffinately. One week fine like nothings happended then next back in bed feeling flu like again. Mine is not like nausea or sickness just dizzy and disorientated. But i find anxiety makes me very bad so try my hardest to try and relax and breathe when i feel like that.

The problem is that when i feel strange or heady i panic thinking something bad is starting which makes me anxious which makes it worst.

Yesterday i had a not good start feeling crappy, but thought this time i will ride through it and keep going to see if it works. But worst thing to to made me feel 10 times worst, coudnt sleep well either. So rest is deffinatley the key even though we want to keep going.

Tracy S xxx

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I didn't feel nauseous so mcuh as queasy & still get it now & agafn. I can't eat breakfast as soon as I get up as I have to wait until I feel less queasy. Some days I would eat very little 7 on bad dasy go to bed wthout any tea. It doesn't coincide with a bad head though it jsut seems to happen on it's own although a bad head puts me off food too.

I have found i comes & goes so I don't think it's anything to be concerned about

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I had a short bout of throwing up on the night of my SAH. However, after I got out of the hospital I was fine for a month and half. Now I have had two bouts of extreme nausea twice in the last month.

I didnt think it was related to my SAH but I dont think its a stomach bug either.

I went to the doctor and a urine test showed micro amount of blood in my urine so now I have to get some follow up tests on Monday. Not looking forward to it.

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