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Dream's And Nightmare's


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Hi Folks,

Ever Since I Can Remember I've Had Bad Dreams, Not Always Nightmare's But just Dreams that have left a memory.

I Talk in my Sleep Lucky for me My Wife Knows this and Takes that into account when i shout out Other Peoples names, Some being Women Some Men and Some being Pets I've had or Friends Pets.

Sometimes you can have a Convosation with me, and yet I don't know I'm having it.

It's like I have an Active mind that doesn't know when to Sleep.

Ever since my TIA I seem to be getting more upon more Dreams sometimes having upto 4 full length dreams, each one consisting of a whole day from morning to night.

Almost like mini episodes of life, relived in a dream, and some dreams are so real i awake only to find it never happened.

Yea I know, I'm a Weird and strange guy but just wondered if anyone else has these sort of Dreams? Does anyone else talk in their sleep or more?

I know its not conected to Strokes But was Currious to find out if any others have these.

Sometimes it gets me down as I don't seem to have had any sleep, Yet I have, I think :roll:

Take Care's XXXX

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I very rarely used to remmeber dreams pre SAH but Ihave had more since clipping. I have dreamt full long dreams all about the same thing & pretty realistic. I never slept too well per SAH & used to feel tired a lot & found out when I was in HDU that I have sleep apnea so I don't get long periods of REM sleep which is when you dream. If I take something to elp me sleep then I do dream a lot & ahve dreamt episodes of tv prograames. HUbby is alos wierd has vivid dreams which can continue for days/nights in a row & he dreams episodes of programmes too:lol:

i don't really get nightmares but hubby does ocasionally. I am more of a nice vivid dream type!

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I do have some very vivid dreams which seem so real that I wake up and have to then realise that they were just a dream!

I think I have less dreams post-sah to what I had pre... I used to have dreams which would continue over a few nights, sometimes the same dream or a continuation of the same dream...

I had a few nights on holiday where I had some weird and strange dreams, probably because I was chilled out enough to sleep through the night properly and I was in a different setting?...

You're not weird Andi, you just have a creative mind, vivid imagination and probably don't get enough rest! so when you do get to sleep there is too much going on inside your mind.

Kel x

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I've always had very vivid dreams, including lucid dreaming...where you're aware within the dream, that you are dreaming, and can control the outcomes! Quite interesting. Since the SAH, I've had many nightmares, do talk and yell, scream in my sleep. Not only does it wake hubby up, but sometimes I awaken due to the yelling or screaming! Years ago, I used to keep a dream journal. Very interesting to read later, as you can really see what has been going on in your life! The more you do the journaling, the recall becomes almost instant and stays with you. My Dr. said after having traumatic experiences, such as we've had, it is very common to have very vivid and sometimes frightening dreams - that seem very real. Not weird at all Andy. If it's weird, I may be the weirdest of them all :crazy: Could write some good novels from some of my dreams - LOL!

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Ive read, everyone averages 3-6 dreams per night, some will link together. Many will remember them. Some will say they don't recall dreams

"Dreams are the touchstones of our characters." - Henry David Thoreau

Why Do We Dream? - Top Dream Theories


also have a look at this site, it give you an explanation about what the different dreams are


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