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Head feels weird

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Thanks to all. I have been doing more and it seems when I am doing things I feel good but as soon as I stop I feel it all come on. Ugh. I was especially emotional this past weekend and the weather did not help either. Trying to take one day at a time, but, does get frustrating.

Thanks again. Most helpful.


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I really like your theory Daffodil. And Win, idiots and noise on TV can bring it on for me too.

Iola, fatigue is a strange thing, it's unpredictable. It can be a delayed reaction, you may feel fine and the fatigue might take a couple of days to creep up or surprise you with a slam against the wall. You may only have fatigue for a few weeks during recovery or it could be around for awhile. It comes and goes but not like the tides unfortunately. It's really difficult to sort out triggers and understand how to avoid it. By paying close attention to early signs you learn how to stop it from knocking you down for long periods. You learn to rest and bounce back sooner.

Your brain is the boss. Keep a log of symptoms and things like 'tight head' may show up repetitively. It will become clear when symptoms come that you need to stop and rest and have quiet for your brain.

We are all different so it's impossible to know if this will be around for a long time or just a few weeks.

Although we are different it sure is comforting knowing we share similar weirdo symptoms!

Sandi K.

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I'm now 2 and a half years post SAH and I still get this on and off, especially when I'm a little run down, over tired or done too much. It feels to me like I have pressure building up in my head - also feels my ears need to pop, pressure behind eyes so want to close them. Our brains are no doubt still healing and adjusting to whats happened.

Its fine to ask any question even if its been asked before, sometimes i don't have the concentration to scour the site and someone will always have an answer or point you in the right direction :-)

Take care,

Love Juliette x

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All so true. I am learning. Coming up on 4 months and trying so hard to be well.

Your posts have helped a lot.


Sweetie you are still very early in your recovery. I know that you want to be well. I felt the same way. I'm sure we all did. There comes a point, though, when the desire to be well but the lack of ability to force it becomes very depressing and you have to just kind of let go.

The recovery from head trauma is like one step forward, two steps back. Then it's 3 steps forward, one step back. It's this kind of dance. You'll feel like you have a month where you've moved nowhere and I think that's because the body has to rest and adjust. Then other weeks you'll feel like you can climb a mountain. The recovery of the brain is not linear. With a sprain, broken bone, even surgery on another part of the body there are steps to recovery that are very linear. The doctors can tell you almost exactly what will happen and when and as long as you're relatively healthy, you are a little better every day.

Brain injury is so not like that. On a clinical level, I find it fascinating how it hurt to think, how I still blank out at times, how I feel 'normal' for days at a time and then I feel like a total head case again.

On an emotional level, it is maddening and frustrating and it makes me sometimes want to throw a tantrum and say "Life is so NOT fair! I didn't deserve this!" Fortunately that's rare, but it's also a part of recovery. I truly believe that.

So just try to be who you are at any given moment. Try to be patient. Try to be good to your body. But you can't try to be well because you're not and your need to physically and emotionally give yourself time to heal.

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I have been complaining about my face hurting around my sinuses since I came home almost 2 months ago! And the TEETH hurting is bizarre but yet as I type my front top teeth HURT! And my head always feels like its in a vice grip being squeezed!

I'm not happy we are all having these symptoms but I am so happy I'm not crazy!!!!!!! :lol::crazy:

I've two MRI's in the past 2 months because of the face numbness and teeth pain looking for signs of something but all are normal.

I read the older posts in this thread and had not thought about how the kidneys would have to also deal with the blood being reabsorbed by my body! I have been slacking on drinking my water but starting in the morning I will be drinking water all day again!

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Hi Susan,

Firstly, welcome to BTG!

You have to remember that you are in such early days of recovery yet. You've a lot of healing to do.

My sinuses got pretty rocked too and still are. I'm 3 yrs on and I still get face pains and jaw ache.

I'm going to be having a gum shield fitted so hopefully that will help.

As for the temple pressure, I suffered really badly with that for about 18 months after surgery. It really did feel like my head was in a vice, and had bad head pains on the left side of my head (surgery side)

Those pains did ease off but I do still get them, much milder now.

Although I'm having some tests done as I've recently started having some temple problems that are new/ different to what I've ever had.

Yes, do keep that water intake up, it really will help with headaches.

Have patience and understanding with yourself and get plenty of rest.

Have you read 'a letter from your brain' on the home page, under inspiration. It's a fantastic piece of writing that I still read often to remind me to take a step back sometimes when I've done too much and my lil re-arranged brain is giving me a kick for some rest!

I wish you well with your recovery.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Such an interesting thread. I have had face pain for months now. I even had a crown put on a tooth that did not really bother me. I have face, teeth, jaw, ( also just developed TMJ) & really bad behind the eye pain. It was about to drive me mad. I could not stand my glasses touching my head/face and went in and got new frames and my right eye had gotten slightly worse so new prescription as well. I also have when worn down a almost non stop floater in my eye.

My eye Dr. for no real sound reason gave me a cortisone drop for my painful eye to see if it would help. Not sure if it is the drops or the glasses or I just had 3 days without pain. It creeped in yesterday but not nearly as unbearable. Also had a electric shock to my check one day and often get a tingle from the top of nose to my bottom lip in a straight line.

There is much talk about your sinuses and allergies etc. eye doctor suggested taking something daily for sinuses but I already do. I read about "face pain" and it lists the main kind of migraines most have, which I found interesting. My GP mentioned Trigeminal Neuralgia. Hoping it is not that and the new glasses will cure my face!


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on the lighter side, it helps me to know when I am sleepy...sometimes when I'm fatigued as well. I wouldn't be able to recognize sleepy without that headband feeling. I'm wide awake until I'm not and my cues are strange now like the heavy legs, back or neck ache, and the headband.


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Di, great news about the outcome of the tests! You and Mark must both be relieved! :-D

Vicky, the front face/sinus thing hasn't let up. Even my front teeth hurt. I dont have a sinus infection, I can breathe. It just hurts all the time.

I get the burning head, its very much like during the angiogram every few days. Feels just like the angiogram.

Onwards and upwards as we say!!! :crazy:

Sandi K.

Hi Sandi,

Hows the head/face/sinus pain now.  I am coming up on my 3 yr anniversary and still have constant head/face pain all day every day, some days worse than others.  I haven't been on BTG in quite a while but I recall reading a lot of your posts that were helpful.  Thanks!!!

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