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Rewiring the brain

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Evening all

I read in a magazine last night (Thats Life I think) in their health section that its been proven that singing can help rewire the brain and aid with speech therapy after suffering a stroke. So peeps - get those radios on or CDs in and getting singing at the tops of your voices to your hearts content - luckily for you all I'll be in the sound proof room :lol:

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I've been left with a stutter and aphasia after my SAH and several people have suggested "singing" the word I can't get out...

Unfortunately they haven't heard my singing voice, well my mother has, she should know better! I'm the only person who ever got kicked out of the school choir, I've been told I sound like a strangled cat!

On the whole I think it's kinder to inflict my stutter on them, than to sing.


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