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Hi to all.

Guest Christine

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Guest Christine


I found your site yesterday and reading the stories has made me realise how lucky I have been even if I don,t feel it all the time. Like everyone I have found the lack of info and support after leaving hospital very fustrating. I am 46 years old and had an SAh 6 weeks ago, I was very lucky and was in hospital within 30 mins, I have a medical background so knew roughly what was going on, what I didn't know is how serious it was,my husband says that he never want's to go through anything like that again. I remeber hearing them say that I had arrested twice but feeling very calm and peaceful, them I had a coiling and back to the ward. All I remember is the food was revolting and that I couldn't stand the lights, apparently I also called the nurses Hippos for bumping into my bed all the time(oops). Anyway I have been home 3 weeks now and find any little thing worrying if my head hurts or I feel sick its all new and panicky. especially as i have always been fit and able to d things, however I am getting used to doing very little and my husband has learned to cook so thats a good thing. I can't work out how to add the smillies. please forgive the spelling, i was dyslexic before and its not much better now.[/img]

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Guest Mummybear

Hello Christine

Welcome to the site :D I've only been a member for a week but already feel like part of the furniture.

I'm so sorry to hear you've had a SAH Christine but luckily you're here to tell your story. Karen should be very proud of this site because it's the only one i could find and like you i found support very hard to find which is a great shame.

Well done to your husband for giving you the support you need but sadly their help often goes un-noticed by others as i found after my sah.

Take care

Jan xxx

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Welcome Christine!!

Yes, Keith is right... you are VERY early in your recovery. Rest Rest Rest. You might take some comfort in reading the section called Your Story where a lot of the posters have entered accounts of what they went through. As for the ongoing recoveries, you'll find a lot of "comparing notes" here in the Discussion area.

Lots of fatigue, headaches, some dizziness, foggy thinking, memory loss are the main complaints. You will also read about how things DO get better with time too! We are all dealing with how our lives have changed and this site (thank you Karen!) might someday also help clear up some of the contradictory advice given us by the dear docs.



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Welcome to the site Christine....you're not alone with the panicky feeling when you get pain or anything weird happening with the head.....you will get more confident as time passes, but to be honest, I still worry when I get head pain.....but I now realise that it doesn't necessarily mean that anything bad is going to happen.

There's some good guys on the site and they're all very friendly and will offer you as much support as you need.

Your Husband learned to cook.....mine learned how to iron....perhaps we could do a swap now and again! :lol: (you just have to point your cursor to the smilie that you want and click on it, it will appear as text before you preview or submit your message....just have a play about)

Just take one day at a time and don't rush your recovery, we all have very individual recovery rates.............mine is like a snail! :lol:

Bye for now,

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Hi Christine - don't feel bad if you want to rest a lot -- the best advice I got from the site when i joined, like you, having been released with next to no info. Its right to be concerned given something so major happened, but you have a supportive community here of really caring souls.

All the best, Joan

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Hi Christine

Welcome to the family - we're not all crazy but it does help at times :wink:

Any moans, groans, worries, milestones etc etc feel free to share. I found this site 3 weeks after my SAH and it has been a life line in so far as it helps you realise that 99.999% of the time the sensations, aches, pains and emotions are pefectly normal and in fact you are not going round the bend at all!!!

Speak soon

Sami xxx

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