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Coughing and Fainting

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Hi All

Just wondering as I am sat here with a wheezy chest, heavy cold and feeling particularly miserable. Has anyone since SAH suffered fainting episodes after a bout of heavy coughing.

I have experienced tingling sensations followed by fainting. I have mentioned this to my GP before and he has said this can happen to anyone and once you have fainted the coughing stops which is true but I find it very frightening, anybody else experienced same?

Apparently it is more common in overweight persons of which I am one.



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Hi John,

What you're experiencing sounds extremely distressing for you to have to put up with! ... I've never heard of anybody coughing and subsequently fainting post SAH from what I believe is called cough syncope .... hope that you will go back and see your GP if you're still worried. xx

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Hello John,

I do often feel a bit dizzy & light headed after sneezing or coughing since the SAH but have never fainted (the same happens when I blow my nose - hay fever season). I think Karen is right that you should discuss this with your doctor again, just to be sure that all is ok.

Best wishes,


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Hi - As Karen said, there is a syndrome which causes syncope related to coughing, which is different than what I experienced. Very frightening all the same! This happened to me just a little over a month ago. I didn't have a cold, but had been coughing. The coughing stopped and then I started to feel strange and nauseated. Was trying to calm myself down by taking slow deep breaths, got up and went into the bathroom. My partner followed me in, as I told him I didn't feel right. The next I knew, he was asking me if I felt I could stand up now. I told him I was standing! I was actually sitting on the floor where he'd helped me down as I had fainted. I felt strange and had extremely loud ringing and what I thought sounded like crickets chirping mangified 1000x in my ears. Very scary for both of us. Went to my GP next day, who wanted me to go straight to ER or call my neurologist before leaving her office. Called neuro who sent me for a CT scan of the brain. Scan was clear and I followed up with neuro next day. I've had the symptoms before, but never fainted. He diagnosed me with neuro cardiogenic syncope and wanted me to have a full cardiac work up done. As I don't have health insurance, I've been unable to have the work up done. I've been told with this type of syncope, I'm to alert the div. of motor vehicles and surrender my license! Haven't done that yet either :oops:.

I am currently about 25 lbs overweight and even though I've been walking regularly, I get out of breath when climbing stairs or have to walk quickly or have exerted myself physically (lifting things, bringing groceries in, etc...). I hope you will keep in touch with your dr. and maybe ask about a cardiac work up or why this may be happening. Not trying to scare you, just think it's better to be safe than sorry.

In the mean time, my neuro has told me when I feel these symptoms coming on, to lay flat or seat myself in a safe place and put my head between my knees! Have been doing this a lot lately!

Hope all goes well for you with this and you seek out more answers.

Take care,


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Hi John,

I had not even heard of this happening to anyone, but it sounds frightening. I would have to request a second opinion or contact your Neuro consultant to ask about it, otherwise you will keep worrying yourself about it, which may cause other symptoms of anxiety...

Let us know how you get on John.

Take care

Kel x

p.s. Carolyn, it sounds like you need to ease up on the heavy-lifting and be a little kinder to yourself.x

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