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Sonia Carer Story and link


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Its about half way down the page ....


I AM a carer, looking after my mother, who is disabled. There are hundreds, if not thousands who, just like me, will be supporting Carers Week 2011, June 13-19.

But there are also many people throughout Weston who look after a person, without realising that they are acting as a carer.

That’s why the theme of this year’s Carers Week is ‘The True Face of Carers’. It calls for a greater recognition of the vital contribution, a diverse, sometimes unexpected range of carers make to communities like ours. Between us we save the country an incredible £119billion every year.

A weekly routine can be many things for me. It can be helping managing her medications, basic help with everyday jobs, shopping, cooking and cleaning, going to appointments such as doctors, dentist, etc, taking on the system, making sure she gets all the support that she is entitled to by law, most of all being a friend, making sure she gets out to socialise with others.

Carers help the person live their own life, as independently and for as long as possible, with them still feeling a degree of control in what they can do for themselves.

Caring is something we do out of love, friendship or compassion often through necessity as life takes unexpected turns, but rarely through conscious choice. Many people often don’t even realise they are cares until they’ve been carrying out the responsibility for months, if not years.

To your readers who are carers, or know someone who is a carer that doesn’t get enough recognition or support, I say: ‘Help is available’. They are carers’ centres and other groups out there which can offer professional information, advice and emotional support for you.

For more information about Carers Week and how local groups are working together to help improve the quality of life of our carers visit www.carersweek.org


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Thanks for putting the link on Donna! :-D Sonia, great letter and well done! :-D I don't think that Carer's are acknowledged enough, with what they do. You're doubly brilliant, considering that you've had a SAH yourself and also have your own fallout to contend with. Proud of you. xx

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I feel bad about my daughter becoming my carer...but I am`so glad she is my carer.....she works

24/7 and I feel sorry for her...she says she doesn't mind but I still feel for her...

I am glad I have her as my daughter but the guilt is still there...But to be honest I'd rather have my daughter than a stranger looking after me....I try not to put on her too much....but it doesn't feel correct..after all I am HER mum and supposed to look after her... .... thank goodness she is my daughter 1st...and my carer 2nd. Thanks for post ..made me want to tell her how good she is to me

Sarah ..I love you so xxxxxxxxxx



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Win, I wouldn't think twice about having to look after either of my parents and I know that they would find it a lot more difficult than me to deal with... I do however, think that Carer's should be supported a lot more, with local services to help back them up too, with more practical help and more finance. I'm sure that Bessie or is it Sarah? is just glad to have you back at home, feeling well and a lot better than you were in your early days post SAH, as I can remember how worried she was about you, but it sounds as though you have a lovely relationship with your daughter. :-D xx

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Karen I have replied 3 times and every time I get to end of reply my message gets lost ... What am I like!! as Catherine Tate would say...

I agree with everything you say...once more thank you all on BTG for helping my Sarah alias Bessie

Just feel sorry for Sarah and all CARERS (in capitals)...signing off before this goes astray

All the Best

WinB143 xx

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Hi Win,

Considering how poorly you were and how worried Sarah was about you, after your SAH, it's fabulous to see you posting regularly on here and with great humour too! :-D

I think that you have a real diamond with Sarah, but I don't need to tell you that and I'm sure that you're an absolute gem too! :wink:

Keep well ... xxx

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Hi Win,

That was such a lovely mail about your daughter Sarah. I am sure she loves you just as much as you do her.

Many of us are so lucky, to have a family,when some people don't have anyone to turn to, in life.

I worry sometimes what will happen to famlies as we know them, we seem to be losing some of the values, that we are taught.

Like you my Mum and Dad when he was alive would often say,they should be taking care of us. That's all well and good,but my reply would be to my Dad when he was dying. It's our turn to do something to help you now. And that as a family we now do for our Mum,who suffers from Alzheimers and Vascular Dementa. She is at a happy stage at the moment, long may it last. So while we can we will enjoy our time spent together.

Take care of you and your daughter.

Love Sonia xx

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Hi Karen and Sonia

I have done it again !!! lost the post I wrote you both , Oh well nothing new .....Just like to thank you both and BTG for being there for my Sa and me ....I must stop shortening names !

I can remember. Sa rubbing my hands and legs I thought it was a game I was playing wth her..she used to ask me to squeeze her hand ....but I am glad she had you all to fall back on..

So once again many thanks


WinB143 xx

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