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6 month checkup on Thursday March 1st

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Hi All:

I have a 6 month checkup on Thursday March 1st (this Thursday). It is with my neurosurgeon. It was scheduled by me and not by him. I am looking to accomplish a few things. Ask him why I'm not better since October (NASAH on July 30th), issues with fatigue, and am I working too much. Also what I can do physically activity wise (when better).

Keep in mind this is the doctor who told me in September "you'll be fine" in a month and sent me on my way. I don't expect to get any great answers (who knows) but want this documented anyway for my work situation. I have a list of questions but my main concern is if I keep working more will this stunt/stop/ my recovery or cause a major health risk?

Can anyone think of any specific questions that I can ask him that I have not mentioned? Thanks.


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Hi David,

I found that cognitive testing (done by a neuro psychologist) was very helpful to pinpoint exactly what problems I had. Is this something you could ask for? It would explain clearly to work/family where your difficulties are. I am not sure though if this would be as helpful at 6 months post SAH as there is still a lot of improvement to be had at this stage.

Also, don't be put off if the neurosurgeon doesn't appear very helpful. I have found (both my own experience & my sons) that the neuro surgeon is there to fix something that breaks in your brain & after that their job is done - they don't seem to get that problems may continue if it's not something that they can 'fix' with surgery. My sons surgeon said last month that 'he is fine now' - duh, he is far from fine but I have learnt to accept that the surgeon means there is nothing further he can do to my sons brain to change anything. Perhaps neuro psychology would be more appropriate in validating what has happened to you & how it has affected you?

Good luck with your appointment. I hope you get some answers.


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Well said Michelle. I agree completely that the neurosurgeon and neurologist actually mean 'there is nothing more for me to fix' when they say 'you are fine now' or 'you will be fine in a few weeks'.

David, Michelle is also right that it might be too early in your recovery for neuro cognitive testing. I think I was at about a year and I've been told by the neuropsych that we do the most of our recovery in the first 2 years. It can continue from there but may slow down. At 6 months there is still lots of recovery happening.

You could ask your specialist questions such as:

Where in my brain did the blood pool and what impact should be expected from it?

Does blood pooling in the brain always cause damaged brain cells?

Do you have any advice for me returning back to work?

I have an office job requiring executive skills such as multitasking, accounting, (insert appropriate tasks here). Are some jobs easier to ease back into than others after a brain attack?

What should I tell my boss?

Can you refer me for neurocongnitive testing so I understand exactly what is happening and can develop coping strategies?

When I saw the chief of neurology he suggested I begin with one task. Focus on it until completion and then move another. Taking breaks in between. He acknowledged this isn't reality in my job but I did manage it for the first few weeks.

Sandi K.

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Hi All:

The appointment went fairly well. The neurosurgeon was happy to see me and apologized for making me feelout in the cold for 6 months. We talked about my condition and he said some people never recover and some do. Well, of course. But he was pretty understanding and was concerned about my wife's possible cancer scare as well.

He wants to do an MRI (next Thurs) to be sure. Sounds fine to me but he said it's unlikely they will find anything (good). He referred me to a neurlogist for the headaches and sent me on my way. He was ok though.



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