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Anyone else get a vice like pressure around the front of their head?

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I'm not sure if its the hydrocephalus (mild) returning slowly, but I'm getting a vice like pressure around my forehead around to my temples - and around the point where my neck reaches my head/skull. Does anyone else get this? (I had an MRI yesterday so if something is going on I should get the results soon).

Is it a high blood pressure symptom? I'm also very short tempered, cranky and can't seem to concentrate for the last few days. :crazy:

Thanks Nic


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Hi! I have pressure like 'pain' around the front of my head now, through my temples and sinus and front teeth. I would get this a lot at the beginning of recovery but havent had it for months. I wouldn't describe it as vice like though. More like something being wound around my head (elastic) with the tighter end at the front.

For me I think it's lumped in with my bucket of what I call 'weirdo' symptoms when Im fatigued. They are 'weird' because the GP has no explanation for them and I feel like a hypochondriac when I name off the list of stuff I have.

Hopefully you will get your MRI results soon but if you are concerned go see your doctor sooner. Like Karen and others say, always go to the doctor if you have concerns.

Sandi K. Xoxoxoox

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Hi i had my coiling stent and blood divertor done on 7th march and was released 3 days later.I was doing ok as far as i was aware,i didnt need any painkillers for the first two weeks and then bam i felt nausea and burning pain at crown of head that would come and go and dihorrea.

I just thought it was delayed after effects but i have been very weepy and strong painkillers werent helping much.I had an appointment with my gp yesterday to discuss my hypothyroidism anyway so told him while i was there and he had a look in my mouth and ears and says i have a sinus infection which if going by how long i have had this horrid taste in my mouth i have had since my operation as they put a tube down my nose to my stomach two days prior to my op.

Now i am worried about this as well as wondering what is normal symptoms from my recovery i am wondering what is caused by the sinus infection -sorry if this isnt in the right place just wondered if anybody else had this

Thanks Tom

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Thanks for the replies :-) Realistically I suppose it can't be anything serious - if the hydrocephalus has returned then its returning more slowly than before - which is a good thing and if it's anything else I'll find out about soon enough from the MRI scans. I just like to know what's going on and don't like waiting LOL. Sandi - I know that feeling of feeling like a hypocondriac with doctors :lol: akjnutt-I'm not sure hon, it doesn't sound too nice getting an infection so hopefully you can get it cleared up soon with antibiotics. I guess there's always a risk of infection when they do ops but you would have thought that getting an infection from the tube meant that it wasn't properly sterilised - it may be worth following that one up with the hospital?

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I get what I call temple pressure, it feels like someone is pushing their fingers into the side of my head.

Some days it's much worse than others, feels like my whole head is being squeezed.

Not had one single day without a headache, head pains or temple pressure since my brain got rocked nearly 20 months ago.

I had an MRI of my head and neck in December, all is ok.

Just one of those things I have to learn to live with I guess.

Take care,


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Hi, I also get a feeling of pressure on my temples also some days I get a sore face and it feels as though my face is twitching I've even gone to a mirror to look:confused: all these things seem to come when I'm tired and have over done things a wee bit.


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Hi there I get that sometimes mine feels like my brain is growing to big for my skull but I have had it for a few years since 2003 lol had a mri/mra last year and everything was fine so don't worry to much. Jess.xxx

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Well now then let me think...yep hmmmm had vice pain....forehead like a band gripping it...then I get a pain from back to

front of head..Then I panic and then out comes the paracetamols....but not really that bad that I feel scared enough

to see Doc...so guess all is okay really (I Hope) lol

Good luck to all xxxxxxx


WinB143 xx

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