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Can I talk about sex and SAHs here?

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hi dans wife

welcome to behind the gray re your posting lin and i were partictipating when my darling had her sah 28/8/08 at first i was so embarressed i told everyone lin was sitting on the settee then found this section and because i felt guilty i owned up to the true facts and i honestly know how you feel and how you felt believe me im still feeling guilty but better for being honest even though others tell me not to im pleased your husband is recoverying lin is still not ?comotosed or not fully with it i hope she does recover i made a choice im not going to tell lin if and when she wakes up some remember some dont remember what happened i would suggest take one day at a time and in the long term all i could say is take it slowly cuddles and carress's and let nature take its course and try not to let the fear take control just be natural and caring and i really wish you both well slowly slowly chatchi monkey

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Hi Dan's wife

I had my SAH just after sex and it was very scary thinking about doing it again. My hubby was really supportive after and we tried when we both felt ready. It will take time but one day it will all happen naturally and you won't even think about it. I'm over two years in now and everything is back to normal :wink: Just take it a day at a time. Only you can decide whether you should tell Dan when it happened, but I suggest letting him recover and fully gain his strength.

Take care

Sami xxx

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Looks like I've joined a club with quite a significant membership!

My fiancee, bless her, is still not keen to start having sex again, which I understand perfectly. She was very scared by my SAH and 4 weeks in hospital. She's is still in shock to a certain extent although is getting better. Me, I'm ready, willing and able but also happy to wait.

All the doctors, nurses, ambulance techs etc found it quite amusing when I told them my SAH happened immediately after sex with my fiancee. Only one doctor actually had the courage to tell me, upon discharge from hospital, that sexual relations could be started again as soon as I liked but for goodness sake, if I must do it in a hot bath I should at least go on top. :lol:

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