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Nottingham SAH support group

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Hello everyone

I'm a new member and thank you so much for the warm welcomes and kind words from various members in response to my 'hello' posting.

Apologies if everyone already knows about this already, but I just found out a few days ago that there is a SAH support group in Nottingham at Queens Medical Centre (QMC) that meets every 2 months. Interestingly I was at QMC with my SAH and the staff told me there were no support groups. I found out about it by other means!!! The next meeting is October 4th if anyone lives in the area.

If anyone wants further details let me know. Also if anyone knows of any support groups near Leicester (my nearest city) that would be useful.

Warmest wishes



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Hi Vanessa

Welcome to BTG.

Yes, the group at Nottingham has been going some years now - I think Donna on here has attended a couple. I was "retreated" in Nottingham for what turned out to be an analgesic headache three weeks after me SAH and I wasn't told about it either. I think I may have actually heard about it on here or by googling SAH.

I'm not sure about any in the Leicester area though, sorry.

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Hello Vanessa,

Like Sami said I did go to the support group at nottingham when I had my sah in 2008.

I stopped going because I dont drive and found it difficult to get and look after my 2 year old (at the time) and my husband also used to work thursday night x x

However he now tends to have Thursdays nights off.

It used to be every other thursday so must of changed x x

I have Elva's number so may drop her a call and see if she still runs it x x

I am going to go on the 4th and will try and find out more x x do you know what time and where abouts the meet is ??

Look forward to meeting you x x



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Hello everyone,

yes it's Elva Goddard that's running it, they meet every two months now. Next meeting is Thursday 4th October at 6.30pm in the Staff Dining Room, The Restaurant, D Floor West Block, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. I think anyone is welcome to just turn up and you can take relatives/friends/carers with you also.

It's quite awkward for me to get there, so we will see, will try my best as it would be lovely to see some of you there.

The email address for Elva if anyone wants it is: casg2005@btinternet.com

Hope to make it there

Happy Friday everyone



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Thanks for this information. I was treated at QMC in April and didn't know about it. I had wondered if there was something similar.

I'm going to put it in my diary and hopefully go. Its only about 45 minutes (plus parking!) from me; I've never been to one of these help groups, but it would be good to speak to some people who have gonen through/are going through the same as me.

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