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Logic, planning, filtering and multi-tasking

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I almost laugh when writing these words as they feel as though they are things that my brain used to be able to do but is not so good at any more.

I think that filtering information is one of the most difficult things to do now - recognising what is important when I see it (which top to buy in Debenhams, which packet of soup at the supermarket, which is the right website to look at). Does anyone else find this?

Multi-tasking is also a bit of a joke. I have to concentrate on remembering one thing, not two or three. Never mind remembering a whole telephone number which I read on a page and then type into a phone.

I'm back at work on Monday so am just thinking of my CV and all these things that I listed as strengths which I am now laughing at and wondering if they will ever return. I think I'm just having a reflective type of evening :)

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These are all things that many of us struggle with post SAH. Concentrating and focus are tough for me. Filtering noise is really hard. Decision making on small stuff can be hard if I'm tired or distracted.

It all seems easier as time goes on though. I think it's a combination of recovery and learning to cope. You learn that doing one thing at a time works best so you just start performing tasks that way. I know I can't engage properly in a conversation in a noisy environment so I just tell people now. I say things like 'this is an important conversation, is there a quieter place we can talk?'. Or 'can we wait to discuss this later when there are fewer distractions?'. Today, I needed to focus on some contract stuff and just said 'I have a brain injury, is there an office we can move to because I can't filter out noise'. As soon as I said that the agent was very accommodating.

you will still have skills to offer at work. You may find that you need to work differently. Learning to pace yourself is especially important so you don't become fatigued.

Sandi K.

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I used to love multi tasking too. Well maybe that's not entirely true, think It just became my habit, my adrenaline rush. If I wasn't racing about then I felt restless, nervous energy. Since the SAH I just can't do it, in fact dont want to for how it makes me feel. I still write a list of things I want to get done but I don't start one whilst in the middle of the other which makes me more focussed on the task in hand. Im not back at work yet but When I get there this single focus will be a different approach for me but probably a new skill, just one I never spent any time at perfecting before. A much loved family member keeps reminding me 'that was then, this Is now', I am finding comfort in that. No one can take away what you have done previously but now is the time, the chance, to find out what you can do today. Take your time at work, be kind to your new working self.

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I was very upset with the loss of logic, planning and multi-tasking too. I have always been a very logical problem-solving type of person. I used to be very handy in the DIY area too. So much so that my partner and I have always joked that I'm just a bloke without the bits!

My sah was about 14 months ago and I returned to work 5 weeks ago on a phased return. Last week, I noticed some multi-tasking going on and was really delighted! I think that when I was at home for a year, there was no cause for any multi-tasking whereas at work, there is not much choice if the situation calls for it. I was photocoying some stuff when the phone started ringing and as a result of the phone call, I had to type out an email while on the phone. Of course, at home there is not much call for that kind of thing.

The worst thing for me (and most of us I believe) is the supermarket. There is just too much going on to be able to filter out what you need to. I go to the supermarket every week. It's better when my partner is on earlies and we go together but even when he is on late shift, I still go myself. I'm not sure if it's a good thing to push myself this way but I have noticed in the last 3 or 4 months that the supermarket isn't the overwhelming place that it once was.

I am not trying to tell you to push yourself at all and please don't! I have perhaps been unusual in my recovery but what I'm trying to say is that over time you will notice changes. Things get better. I don't know if we ever go back to what we once were but if I was entirely honest, I prefer the new me and don't actually want to go back to what I once was.

I wish you all the best and good luck with you return to work on Monday!

Dawn x

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I would love to get peoples names right, thats my aim.

Okay I get clothes that do not fit me either too big or to small, another aim of mine !!

When I talk about singers to my Sisters I say "whats her name she sang ermm a love song, you know her you used to sing her songs

to me " poor sisters have to sit there singing songs while I go ermmm noooo" lol got giggles thinking how they all start singing different songs and always the answer is errmmm Nooo lol ..sorry crying with laughter now

Love to All

WinB143 xx xx

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Sometimes I'm too logical or over analytical...however, this was one of my strengths before SAH and isn't being FILTERED properly.

I was able to be a total forest person, now the individual trees are so distracting.

I can't filter emotions, simple decisions, visual stimuli/noises or even my needs V. others needs sometimes.

I have trouble with INITIATION. once I get over that hurdle, the task goes smoothly. ie. I remember my physical therapist asking me to do the grapevine dance and I just stood there talking about it. I know what grapevine is, but I just couldn't start it. However, once I got it going...I couldn't even imagine having and issue with it. That happens with more complex things now, but it still happens.


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Oh I have gone from staring at a drawer full of white socks for 15 minutes, not EVER turning the right burner on the stove on to finally geting it together on most days! still cannot recall names or words as much as I would like. My processing is amazing when on ritalin but that is if I am not fatigued at all.

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