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Pain at bottom of back/ spine

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Just wandering if any one else suffers this.

I had my sah last sun. during my time in hospital I wasn't mobile that much but on odd occasion when I got the head pulses I felt a twinge at the bottom of my back. now I have returned home when I get the head pulses I'm getting quite severe twinges at the bottom of my back - anyone else experience this or is it something I should be discussing with a doc?

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Hi Jimble.

I had my SAH in march but still often experience pain in my lower back . The explanation offered to me is that any trace of blood in the spinal fluid aggravates the nerve endings there . Not sure if that's the case , someone else may have a different view. I find alternating an ice pack then a heat pack helps my pain. Someone rubbing it better is nice too :wink: but it usually means I've been upright for too long and I need to rest. It's very early days for you so if youre worried you should check in with your neuro team to be safe. Stay well.


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Jim my bottom of my spine hurts still as I cannot walk very far so sitting on botty a lot.

My hubby got me a cushion with a little cut out in it.

Cannot spell coccxyk lol so base of spine hurts me I call it bum bone ?? lol

Tried all different cushions but cox... cushion helped me most

Hope you will keep getting betteer as Daf said if in doubt see Doc xxx

Be Well


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Hi Jimble

I had my SAH over 3 years ago now but I do remember, after coming home from the hospital, that I had severe twinges at the base of my spine going down my left leg. They were very painful but last only a brief time. I was told that it was the blood draining through the base of the spine. Fortunately for me the episodes went away over the space of a few weeks.

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I had a lot of lower back pain in the early days after SAH. I put mine down to the 4 or 5 lumbar punctures they gave me.

I have noticed that even now, if I am slouching on the couch I get a back ache.

I will say though that the back pain does fade and eventually for me it became a memory..... good job my memory is :)

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Hi Jimble, I had that too. It was very painful and I could only lie down for a short while and then have to walk slowly through my house to try and ease the pain. The pain was at the very bottom of my spine and I understand that it was the blood from my brain bleed dissipating. I would alternate ice packs and hot water bottle and that helped. It lasted a couple of weeks, maybe 3. I hope it eases up for you soon.

Sandi K. Xoxox

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