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Saunas and hot tubs

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I think I have mentioned before that i am really feeling the cold post SAH. I was a chilly thing before it occurred and now I'm like a little block of ice. A friend suggested a trip for a sauna or hot tub might help and I wondered if any members have any experience using them post SAH. I used to enjoy a sauna pre head pop but confess to being a little unsure as to whether it's a good idea now. I can't see any contra indications and will of course check with my neuro nurses and GP but do any of you dip your chilly feet in a hot tub? Does it help? :-D

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I have a sauna Daff but have difficulty getting in and out of it.

Need a hoist ..stop laughing. lol botty was up in air and leg wouldn't move grrr I did look good lol.

Felt better as it was like a massage on body.. did me good.

Try it Daff xx


WinB143 xx xx

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Daff I found hot tubs fine but I can't manage the sauna, my scalp felt tight & horrible so I only lasted a few minutes in there. I don't think there is any reason you can't try it & see how you get on. I was told I could do anything that made me more relaxed so unless you have an underlying problem such as high bp I would say its ok. I would still recommend that you check with your GP or neuro nurse to be sure

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