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One Year Out

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Howdy gang!

One year ago today I was blithely going along through life with no idea that it was going to change the next day. On January 28 my husband and I were in the lobby of a movie theater. I was talking with a friend and he walked up with the giant bathtub size Coke Zero and handed it to me. We started to walk in and suddenly it literally felt like someone had hit me in the back of the head. I stopped and said "Wow! My head hurts! Take this (handing him the soda), My head hurts!" I hadn't felt pain like that ever, but I still went to the movie theater. Thought I was going to throw up a few times, the light from the movie made me want to scream. He asked me if I wanted to go home and I thought "I can have a headache here, or a headache at home and he really wants to see the movie."

Long story short, I spent three weeks in the hospital from a little brain bleed. I was in a lot of denial. I truly thought it was no big deal.

A year later at times I feel like I've come SO far. At other times I feel like I haven't come far enough. However, I am no longer wobbly, can drive again, can think and read without pain. No more walker or cane, at all. I'm back to running again, but not quite at previous level. I'm back teaching bootcamps at previous level.

All that I'm left with is ongoing headaches. I've seen two neurologists and a vascular specialist and there does not seem to be an answer for them. I do have Fibromuscular Dysplasia, but it's very light and non-consequential right now. (It's rare--causes the body to deposit nodules of muscle fibers in between the walls of arteries. I have it in my cranials, but nowhere else. It is not thought to be the cause of either the SAH or the headaches.) I'm going to seek a third opinion on the headaches (since the last doctor told me it was all due to my running and I need to stop as I am 'too old to run anyhow'. :shocked: )

I really am frustrated with the ongoing headaches, but when I look back I am amazed at how far I've come. I feel blessed to be alive most of the time, and am thankful that life is almost back to normal.

Impact of the SAH on other areas of my life? I lost a lot of business and made less than half what I made in previous years this year. I lost a lot of clients due to having to cancel classes.

We added two dogs to our home. In June when I was really depressed over the issues I was still dealing with a new dog wiggled his way into our lives giving me something to focus on that wasn't dependent on my health. In November another one found his way into our home too.

Our savings account is kaput, but our marriage is stronger. That's a good trade off! My husband has been so patient and supportive throughout this.

I've made new friends, on here as well as locally. Just having others understand is HUGE!

All in all I'm not yet to the point where I'm thankful to have had this experience, but I'm getting there.

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Thanks Sandi!

So I celebrated today in bed, and not the good way. LOL. We have a HORRIBLE norovirus going around here and it finally got me. All day in bed with five dogs and a cat. I'm just starting to feel a little better and may even try food. All I've had so far is soda and pain pills for the headache.

Good times!

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Hi Teechur,

sorry you are not well, but congrats for getting that first year out of the way!

'Too old to run'? How did you manage to take that one on the chin without planting one on his? So much for encouraging us all to get off our bums.

I hope you find an answer to the headaches soon, third time lucky perhaps?

Dawn x

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I am feeling almost human today. Good heavens I do not wish this illness on anyone! At least it's short (about 3 days).

One year is a big milestone and while sometimes it feels like I'm treading water, in reality I have done a great deal of healing over the last year. Outside of headaches, all of the symptoms from the original bleed are gone and I am thankful to be alive. I would have liked to have celebrated with a little more than a bowl of lucky charms and almond milk...but maybe we will celebrate this weekend!

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I just returned from swimming and it always helps!! Anyway I had several of those nasty bugs in a row this winter and it was down right rotten. No do not with it on anyone.

I was drivnig home from the pool tonight and was thinking about certain often confusing items at work and how to be sure not to make a mistake I would leave the item out to show someone. I do not need to do that or if someone wants me to get something it clicks what it is now as well. NOT 100% of the time but even better than a few months ago. :)

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