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hi there, wendy from the north east, newbie...


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it's only just dawned on me to look for a site where i can talk about my SAH and find out what others experience has been like. i'm 49, have also been diagnosed with MS since 2004, i had my SAH april 2012 ('cos MS just isn't enough :shock:). out of the blue i had a 'thunderclap headache' i was told it's called, it felt like someone had slammed a pickaxe into the top of my head, luckily, my daughter (a student nurse) was upstairs, i managed to get to my phone and call her, i must have scared her half to death.

i have very little memory from this point on, apparently, i started saying that i was ok and didn't need to go to hospital, thank god my daughter wasn't about to not insist on me going to A&E, i vaguely remember being at the local hospital, then the next thing i know it was about a month later and i was at the bigger (much better) hospital in middlesbrough. i'd had a SAH from an aneurism just above my brain stem. they tried a coil, that didn't work, so they operated, to do a burr hole (which left a big dent in my head) and to clip the aneurism. i've been very lucky, to come through the whole thing so well, james cook hospital, neurosurgical ward were just amazing, i can't praise them all enough.

i've just been assessed by a neuro psychologist, he found that my short term memory has been affected, which i could tell, he also determined that, cognitively, i tire very easily which i hadn't worked out, but now see that it's true, otherwise my brains working as well as ever. it's a little difficult to see where the SAH starts and the MS ends, if that makes sense. the SAH seems to have moved my MS on a bit as if it's suddenly jumped a decade or so.

i missed the whole thing in every real sense, thankfully my daughter has a wonderful fiance and my sister and brother in law where there for her every day. but i feel terrible that she went through this without me to love and support her, a few months afterwards she told me that in the midst of it all she'd thought 'i need to speak to my mum' and then she'd remembered, when she told me, we both just burst into tears. we've always been really close, so this has been traumatic for her, to say the least.

all in all, i'm very glad to have come through this largely unscathed. thanks for reading this.

wendy x

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Hi Wendy,

Welcome, I BET YOU cannot tell where one begins and one ends. I was feeling poorly since 2009 with neuopathy ( from my fibro) and felt better with new meds than about 6 -9 months before my SAH and strokes I was so fatigued and so confused at times, no one has an answer to that.

It is hard to have a chronic illness or is it a blessing as it prepares you for the limitations you may have after the SAH. I am fatigued daily and have a memory like a sieve! But on the bright side I can accept most days where I am at and thankful i am not worse.

Come in anytime to talk, vent or whatever! This place is a GOD SEND! I started therapy several months back and only go monthly but I told my therapist today I really do not need to come here and so many others need more than I, but I need to have my health validated by you as my neurologist just looks at me with a blank face. I wish I could quit work and work more on my health- yoga, mediation, read & comphension etc..... but not when I work and collaspe every other day. This system in the USA is not set up for recovery very well and so little is known.

CRUDE I thought I WAS typing in words to correct my mistakes. Sorry for your luck that you have to read them now! Once again, WELCOME!! Maryb

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Hi Wendy & welcome to BTG.

It sounds like you have great support for your recovery. Take it steady & drink lots to ease the headaches. I would advise getting in touch with your local Headway for additional support, some areas do really good courses about the effects of a brain injury. I was clipped too & I'm one of those people who needs to understand they whys & wherefores of any problem I have!

Its great that you are seeing the neuro pysch too, I hope that is helping too.

Take care & remember we are always here if you need us xxx

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Hello Wendy,

Welcome to BTG, it's so nice to know we are not alone.

I felt sorry for my daughter and husband after they told me what happened, my husband wouldn't leave me alone in

hospital (I remember none of this until shunt was fitted a year later ).

Glad you had a good hospital now start getting better and Good luck.

WinB143 xx xx

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Hi Wendy, I hope you're having a good day.

Your daughter sounds amazing and very resilient, you must be proud. A big hooray for all our sons and daughters who help us through this.

The techniques you have learnt to help your MS may help you manage the SAH fall out. I hope so. Keep resting and my very best wishes.

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