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The Great Brain Experiment

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The Welcome Trust in the UK have just launched a games app for phones and tablets that test your brain power but that they hope will conduct one of the largest experiments into how our brains work.

Although the app is meant to be as appealing as possible, behind it lies serious science intended to address important questions in brain research. There are four games, each asking a question to explore a different facet of the brain: "How good is your memory?", "How impulsive are you?", "What makes you happy?" and "How much can you see?"

Information about the study is here http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/News/Media-office/Press-releases/2013/WTP051980.htm

And the app can be found here from here http://www.thegreatbrainexperiment.com/

I've been playing the games, they are hard work but think they could be helpful maybe for concentration etc....im hoping Kris or another member who understands neurons better than me will chip in and say if they think this is any good.

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sounds interesting Daff, will download & have a play later (if my phone memory will let me). I've also tried lumosity which Headway signposted us to. its brain training tailored to suit your needs but for full access to the programme you need to pay a hefty sum so I've only tried the basic tests.

Will let you know how I get on!

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I did 'Happy Neuron' for a bit after I could used the computer and felt like I had really bad cognitive deficits. It gave me a baseline and then had a line for what my peers score. Peers were people of my same age and education level. I was 45 and was a neuroscientist... Once I got to where I was playing at peer level, I stopped. Before the SAH, I would have wanted to be the best, but now I am satisfied that I can still be in the loop.

Funny part:

When I was establishing my baseline, the computer had me play this game and I was trying really hard, but not getting it at all. Then a screen came up that said, 'I think you stepped away or are not trying, we will disregard this game in your baseline score'. Man, it took a while before the computer realized that I was trying and that it had to include all my poor work in the baseline! I was shocked at how low my baseline was...but the climb out of it was great!

Now I am slow on the uptake, but everything seems to be working other than that. Most of my deficits show up as emotional and physical.


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