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Liz - wish I'd found this site weeks ago!


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Around Christmas time I started suffering from what I thought was eye strain - migraines and double vision, went to opticians who said my sight was OK and gave me some drops. Then my eyelid started to droop and the headaches got worse, it didn't cross my mind that it was a stoke or anything like that, but eventually got to see my GP who said it was a 3rd nerve palsy and had me admitted to hospital. That's the last I can remember, I have no memory of being in my local hospital for nearly a week.

The hospital found I had an aneurysm and transferred me to the RVI in Newcastle, it was when I was in the ambulance ready to go when the bleed occurred, so at least I was in the right place. The aneurysm was coiled and I was in an induced coma for a while. Again I've got no memory of this time, apparently I wasn't responding very well to treatment so they put in the VP shunt and then I started getting better.

My left foot was not working at all when I woke up and it has taken quite a few weeks to get movement back, I can move it fully now and my toes, which took longer but they still feel a bit spongy. Progress has been good over the weeks since I left hospital but now I feel I've reached a plateau and I'm a bit disappointed. I seem to have most of the symptoms that others on here have which makes me feel better, I just thought that once I was home and felt better then everything would be the way it was before the bleed happened. But it's not like that is it?

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Hi Liz, warm welcome you found the page good for you.

the plateu dont worry its like a roundabout but I found I was not improving when infact I was I just couldnt see it, we all want to hurry it up but the fact is its the brain and that just takes as long as it takes we're all different.

Hope the site helps you out

take care

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Hospital told my hubby I wouldn't walk again, so they aren't always right, it is a long haul but we can make it.

Don't give up, when in 2010 I took my first steps my hubby said " Good Win but you have reached your peak"

He didn't mean it horrid, he didn't want me to raise my hopes.

I now walk approx 60 /100 yards before back goes. I think I am improving, slow but sure (Very Slow)

So keep your chin up and Never Give Up, you will get better now sing a happy song and be happy xx

Come on, if I can walk like a baby you can get better also xx now cheer up and never ever give up.

Be Well Liz xx


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Hi Liz & welcome to BTG

You will find there are plateaus in recovery & it can be frustrating as you want to push on & be as well as you were before the anni. If you look back to my posts at the 3 months stage I was planning a trip tothe cinema, lunch & shopping with my boy!! I was convince I could do it but everyone who pm'd me said I was trying to go too fast!!

I remember the huge crash & burn just after lunch & then having to walk to meet hubby in the card (stuck in stationary traffic) nearly finished me off. I did the same in Sept when my boy started school thinking I could walk him there & back but my energy levels just weren't up to it.

It is hard not want to be more better & energetic but it will come, you still need to rest though otherwise the crash & burn will really hit hard. Its best to set small targets & build up to big things gradually.

Hugs to you cos I know how 'its early days' used to make me scream with frustration but now I can see how true that is xxx

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Hi Liz

It's the strangest thing isn't it. I don't remember anything past having a nice few drinks with friends , I woke up many days later with a brain drain and not knowing who or where I was and unable to walk or read. I use that as my starting point for progress when i Get frustrated that things aren't going as fast as I might wish they were.

Then just as I felt I was making a little progress I blue lighted back to get my VP shunt. That's when I found BTG and thank goodness I have as the team here have helped me slow down, let go, worry less, feel a bit safer and less lonely in the strange symptoms that accompany this recovery.

I can look back and see a great deal of achievement in the last year. It's been tough and I still have plenty of rubbish days but I also have plenty of lovely ones too. You will too

Take care.

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