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Stress indicators

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I am wondering if anyone else is curious about stress indicators

I know my Blood Pressure is one.

My irritability


Memory loss.

I hope others will add to the list. Once it is more comprehensive we could make a poll.

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This is relevant to me at the moment because I am on a 6 week Stress Management Course.

I am due to commence counselling in June to help me further.

Stress indicators for me are:-

1. Fatigue

2. Cognition problems - can't make a decision, work through problems etc.

3. Huge lack of assertion

4. Headaches

5. Feeling jumpy and on edge.

6. Memory issues

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'Fuzzy head' or feeling like I'm under water.

(This can last for days after a stressful event.)

Disturbed sleep with many thoughts racing through my head.

(Again this can last for days)

Plus what everyone else has said.

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  • Dizzy / Fuzzy head
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Visual disturbances - I'm not really sure what can be described as double vision, i don't see 2 things but my eyes start to not quite be in sync if that makes sense, like one of them has been moved forward a centimeter so it takes a bit of effort to focus and its like someone turned image stabilization off on a camera particularly round the edges.
  • Disturbed sleep.

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- exaggerated emotions and depression

- fatigue

- anxiety

- tight scalp (around incision from surgery)

- cognitive issues worse than usual

I'm surprised that I was the only one who mentioned exaggerated emotions and depression. When I'm stressed,

my emotions get so out of whack.

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It starts with a stiff and painful neck.


memory cannot find words or thoughts


vision issues painful eye

sensory overload- mostly noise.

I start to hate people:lol: No really, I just need to be alone.

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Trouble making decisions or being very influenced by what others want


crying at anything good or bad or indifferent like coming home after shopping too long

wanting NOTHING to do with planning or the future

Everyone else has stuff I experience as well. I know what you're saying about the vision thing!


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I get over emotional but I cannot help it.

I either laugh so much I start to cry or I get real teary and cannot stop.

I sing a lot, laugh a lot, cry a lot

Do you think I have hydrocephalus j/k water on the brain my family called me when young, how true they were lol

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