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hello everyone


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hello everyone

im looby and i have found your website while trawlling for information about Subarachnoid hemorrhages

my mum had one in november of last year but prior to that also in november she suffered from 2 minor bleeds leading to the Subarachnoid hemorrhage

she was taken to theater pretty much with in a couple of hours after it happened altho it was made worse by the fact that previous to the sah she was on a plane on her way home from spain after been admitted twice in to a spanish hospital who accused her twice of been drunk even the airline said that she had been drunk and wasnt going to let her fly but luckily her friends could prove that she had been to the hospital

she was in theater for ten hours and they managed to stop the bleed and remove 50% of the clot that she had developed around her brain it was so large it spread from her left ear to her right

they also drained fluid from the front of her head that was caused by the pressure at the back

she got discharged from hospital on the 18/3/13 and is slowly getting better

glad i have found this website becuase hopefully you guys will be able to give me and my mum some insight into what should and shouldnt be happening at this stage i understand everyone is different but any insight at all would be fab

thanks in advance and

anywhos hello :)

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hi looby welcome to btg im glad you have found us firstly congratulations on mum coming out the other side and is starting to recover it must have been a nightmare for all the family but as you say mum is home now and in her own way will start to improve as time march's on mum will have the odd day where she takes a step back as you probably know already and she will get angry and frustrated all you can do is be there for her sooth her when she gets like that and support and encourage her when she has a good day

I hope the hospital has arranged some support for mum and hasn't discharged her totally and she will be on a regular trip for phyiso and speech therapy and other support for her remember good days are better than bad days but the good take over as time goes on

let us know how mums progressing and we are here to help if we can there are so many on here who will come on later to introduce themselves will speak later best wish's to mum and yourself take care

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Hi Looby,

I could not hold myself up after SAH, I was told I would never walk and so on.

Just keep bright and do the best you can and get some rest also xx

We can be pains once we start to recover.

I got better at home quicker than in hospital. Still a pain though to my daughter and hubby. joke x

Good luck to you and Mum xx Keep happy xx


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hi guys thanks for the intros

the hospital did just completely discharge my mum with carers twice a day no physio no nothing i had to chase them for everything even as far as having grab rails put by the front door as luck had it i work in this field so i was able to pull a couple of strings to get things a little bit quicker but her discharge from the nuro unit here was a night mare they didnt even help us get her to the car

she can talk fine!!! she never stops lol!!

she cant walk properly yet so we arranged for a wheelchair for her to help us get her out and about

but because she is constantly dizzy going out sometimes is difficult but we manage each day as it comes

her short term memory is shocking and it does cause problems because we are liars when we say shed said things etc

but its also amusing sometimes because she can only remember from six weeks ago she thinks shes only been awake six weeks when infact its about five months!!

we have good days and bad like you guys said and yes its very fustrating and upsetting at times because she doesnt believe what we are saying to her and it helps that we have a large family for back up at times lol

other than that we just take it as it comes and take it all on the chin its a good job me and my brother are thick skinned thats for sure

anyways rambled on enough for now its just nice to get it out of my system lol

thanks in advance x

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Hi Looby, warm welcome to the site, glad you found us.

Seemly I was like that too calling people liares, but as time passed that changed thankfully, my short term memory is shocking too but guess you get used to it, write things down put important things on the callender I have 3 timers for cooking stuff like that.

I had to go into rehab which is where I learned that people wernt lying to me it is difficult when you dont understand whats happened to YOURSELF & for me the worst thing was thinking no-one cared when infact they were bending over backwards for me....

Things improve slowly be patient when you feel Arrgh having to explain for the umpteenth time just take yourself to the loo & have a arrrgh moment.....

take care.

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