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One year today

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I am motivated to post today, on the first anniversary of my bleed, not because it is a reason for celebration. I just want to let people know what has happened in the hope that my story is helpful to someone else. It is the stories and support of others on BTG that have been so helpful to me so I feel it is my turn to try to give back.

The main reason that I went looking on the internet, and found BTG, was because my symptoms were persisting way beyond what the medical people told me and that is when I found out (thanks to BTG members) that what was happening to me is what happens. My search for information was at about 8 months and things were not going well for me and the frustration of not recovering as expected made me push harder which was, in hindsight, the wrong thing to do.

My prognosis from the neurosurgeon was that I would be 100% recovered by 6 to 12 months. Well here I am at 12 months and I am probably at 50% but because I have learned from the experience of others I now find relatively little frustration about that. I now know that I need to manage my time better and look after myself more than I used to. In essence that means less time working and more time doing things that are really worthwhile and important, and that includes having more time with my wife and children.

I still have my bad days, and quite frankly I am yet to have a day when I have felt great but there are many positives that have come from this experience and it is those positives that I prefer to reflect on.

An example is one of our 4 children spontaneously said recently that she had never known me to spend the time with them like I do now. What a slap in the face I thought – but hey, I was a busy person, a very busy professional career with lots of travel, a cattle farm, an exercise fanatic etc. When I enquired further she said that I did make time for them but they always felt that they had to get on with whatever it was because I needed to go and do something else.

So the bottom line is that I am improving more slowly than the medical profession advised but there are many changes that have occurred in my life that can only be described as good. I will just have to wait a little longer for some other things – or just move on without them.

Best wishes to all


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Congrats Tony on your 1 year anniversary. I love your outlook and how you have come to manage the situation you are in instead of fighting against it as it only makes matters worse. As well as it does no good to you or anyone else you love.

I will tell you after a year I was amazed at the things that started to improve. I was lead to believe 12 months and you are done. But not true at all. Also I can honestly say I like myself better now. I like being forced into being mindful. I am not sunshine and rose’s everyday but if one can get past the anger stage many rewarding things can happen.

Having a better attitude certainly helps as well as looking at life different as you was given another chance to change your world. It certainly has made me a much calmer person that can look at the bright side of things. Forcing someone into that cannot be all bad.

Kindest Regards, Maryb

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Congratulations Tony in reaching your 1st year, I normally always celebrate my SAH anniversary, just grateful for being here and given a 2nd chance. That was a very lovely post to read and just to say, that I'm still experiencing recovery nearly 8 years on.

Enjoy your day :-D...xx

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Congratulations Tony.

I felt quite emotional on my 1st anniversary definitely a time for reflection. I also feel I was wrongly advised about timescales for recovery, 6 months to a year I was told! Has taken a lot longer than that but the good news is I'm still seeing improvements... I'm 4 years and 8 months in.

Hope you have enjoyed the day, its good to be here, :-D

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Well Done Tony,

You will keep getting better every day some days up and some down.

Do not let the down days get to you, keep on thinking positive .

I missed my first anni's anni as I hadn't had my shunt fitted then and was out of it.

I have enjoyed everyone since I had shunt in.

Keep well and look forward


WinB143 x

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Hello Tony

Hope that you have had a very good 1st anniversary.

Lots of time for things to keep improving for you in the future.

I was told by the specialist it would be 18 months post SAH before I would be anything like back to my full recovery.

I have had a good 6th anniversary, in work for my 5 hours this afternoon. Still after all this time I can't help but acknowledge it, and celebrate this extra time I might not have had.

We are all lucky souls no matter what problems we have post SAH we are here!

I am as I am, not the same as pre SAH but I am happy enough with the new me, ongoing problems and all. Some things are definitely better post SAH. Good to look on the bright side, I have always been a glass half full soul. Lucky.

Best wishes to you and everyone else


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Thank you for your warm and positive replies Mary, Karen, Momo, Win and Anne. I am constantly grateful for the time that people put into contributing to this site. And a special thanks to you Karen for your tireless efforts in keeping the site going - it provides a wonderful service that is so helpful to so many people.

Best wishes


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Tony, it's so lovely that you have found a gift in your SAH. Your children's comments must have warmed you and I'm glad that you are doing so much better.

I'm the same as you in that I was so convinced initially that I'd bounce back so quick and then reality forced me to accept that wasn't possible. So I go at the pace that the day allows...(mostly) :lol:

I imagine you now, stood surrounded by cattle, staring a the beautiful landscape in frontof you, your arms around the shoulders of your wife and family and smiling. A more peaceful man? Not in such a hurry? That's my image of you. :cool:

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I was kind of down on my first anniversary even though I had already found out that recovery takes so long. Every day was still a bit of a reminder of my deficits at all times. Now, I have times where it doesn't even enter the back of my mind. And I took a few more big leaps after that 12month mark. I haven't yet hit 24, but am approaching it and still wondering about that 'Full recovery' that I was told I would have. Hope.


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This actually helped me quite a bit. I am only 6 weeks from my NASAH and now the back of my neck is starting to hurt and also feeling a little sorry for myself today. This thread really lifted my spirits so thanks for sharing.


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