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Arnica gel?

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Hello folks just wondering if anyone can convince of the wonders of arnica gel lol,my partner talks about like it a miracle gel, my foot gets badly swollen and she keeps telling me to use it either to soak my feet in it or rub it in.

Well I'm a just not convinced so just wondering what you guys think.

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yep I agree with Penny, Arnica for bruising. I took arnica (pillules) after having Nath & also put them in my bath. I healed pretty quick & without any problems.

It may help with the swelling but not sure it will do much else for you. Def google & see what the internet has to say. Personally I don't think it is a miracle cure but it does help bruising to come out & then heal a wee bit quicker

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Cheers folks, say may be right seems to be good stuff and if widely used by professional athletes for muscle pain and inflammation according to a few websites, well hey surly cheaper than buying 5 new pairs of shoes lol


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Desy, I use arnica all the time for all the family for bumps and bruises and my family rubbed it on my poor arms for all the bruises from all the cannula's etc which helped. My hubbie who runs a lot uses a Arnica oil rub for sore muscles by Weleda, that's very good.

Best thing I've found for swollen feet though is cool water, some Epsom salts and a drop of lavender oil, it cools and soothes.

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Hi Desy,

We use Arnica a lot here - is fabulous for bruises and may help swelling. Definitely doesn't hurt to try!! I & my physio used it a lot when I had an ACL operation - worked wonders for me with the bruising & swelling. Also had acupuncture which was amazing at getting blood flowing properly which reduced swelling for me - not to be done at home unless qualified though!!! We also use arnica pillules (tiny pills in small single pill release bottle) for mouth ulcers/sore teeth - first prescribed by our dentist (who's trained in complimentary medicine as well) when my youngest was almost 2 and fell and knocked one of her teeth back - was very wobbly. But after 2 weeks of tablets & no pressure on tooth from bottles/sippy cups & crunchy food it settled back and is still firmly in place almost 4 years later!

Hope it works for you,

Take care


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