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Driving again


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Hi Everyone

I noticed in one of the threads someone said that bus passes were available for people who had to send in their driving licence, does anyone know how to get one?

My six months period of not driving is nearly up (due to shunt), but much as I can't wait to start driving again I've still got a bit of double vision when I'm outside so wouldn't feel safe.

I'm back at work now, just a couple of hours a day but have to go by bus which is getting a bit expensive although not enough to make a weekly pass worthwhile.

I also thought I'd seen someone say they drove with an eye patch on, my vision is better when I close one eye but I didn't think DVLA would let you do this?

Any ideas? Thanks.


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Liz its me that drives with as patch, the vision in my left eye meets the DVLA standards as does the right one but as the right one does not move properly or focus that is the eye that needs to be covered.

I was under the eye clinic at the local hospital & they had to provide info that my left eye was within the correct limits & that having one eye covered stopped the double vision.

As I am now 3 years post op my eye isn't going to improve any more so I actually have the right lens of my glasses frosted. Much easier & more hygienic than having tape over it.

There are people who only have one eye/vision in one eye that drive ok. I had 2 refresher lessons with a qualified instructor once I was given the all clear, mostly to be sure that I was safe ferrying my son about.

If you need any other info feel free to pm me xxx

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To apply for a bus pass contact your local or county council.

You will need proof that you are not allowed to drive through medical reasons. The council will tell you exactly what paperwork you need.

I don't think this is your area but the information will be helpful.


This may be your area. If it is scroll down to disabled persons bus pass and see the criteria that needs to be met re medically unfit to drive.


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I lost the vision in my right eye (only see shadows and colour in 10% of eye) during coiling. Each case is different, but I was okayed quite quickly by the DVLA to drive after my Drs sent them paperwork saying my left eye meets the driving standards (In fact I received a letter from them saying I was ok to drive until they made a decision before any paperwork from Dr!!). You get used to it, just needs to turn a little more when checking blind spot. It does take time to adjust and build up your confidence, but you'll get there :-D

I wasn't given any information on bus passes, but I think it might be that you can have one if they take your driving license off you for medical reasons??

Hope all goes well at your appointment

Take care Juliette xx

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Thanks Juliette

Can you still judge distance with just one eye?

It's a five hour round trip to the hospital by public transport and I was only in with the consultant for 10 minutes! he's going to get me an assessment with the eye department which I feel I need as I'm sure the glasses I've got are not right for me now.

I'll just have to be patient for a bit longer I suppose.


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Juliette it is more difficult to judge distances without a doubt but I underestimate rather than over estimate so its def safer!

I find parallel parking really hard, I think I'm a few inches away from either car & get out to find its more like 18 inches or so but I can live with that. I try not to parallel park if I can help it & prefer to go in with the drivers side near the pavement rather than the drivers side on the outside.

Reverse parking is fine & the same with motorway driving or stopping in traffic.

HTH? xxx

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Hi Liz,

Yes it is more difficult to judge distance with just one eye and like Gill, I always think things are closer than they are! Over time it has got a lot easier. I built up the amount of time I drove & where I drove very slowly & when I first drove on the motorway it did freak me out a bit, but I had my husband in the car with me in case I felt I couldn't cope and didn't go far because the concentration made me really tired & tight headed. But now I'll drive anywhere, for any length as I did before having the SAH & loosing the sight :-D

Things like playing ball sports/hand to eye co-ordination stuff just takes a little longer to get my eye in (excuse the pun! :lol:), but brains are really remarkable and seem to be able to compensate.

I hope the eye appointments go well, I had many and the specialists I had were fantastic and honest!

Take care

Juliette x

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