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Loss of hearing

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Hello BTG members

I was having a lot of problems with my hearing on the left side recently, most of my problems after the SAH have been the left side anyway, so I made an appointment with the ENT doctor last week and was told that I am going deaf on that side.

When I was in the UK at the Royal Free Hospital I did complain about an earache I was constantly getting and I could not hear well so tests were done on me but I never received details of the outcome or a follow up.

The tests that I had done last week showed a significant hearing loss probably caused by SAH but other factors could of caused it but they feel it was around that time I started to feel a slight hearing loss in 2008.

I will be getting a hearing aid next week and eventually I can have an operation which I don't want but content with a hearing aid.

My whole head feels so much like a vacuum at the moment very much like months before the actual SAH, I am concerned about that and have an appointment with the neurologist on the 16th September so I can share my concerns.

BP is sky high too yesterday's reading was 188/126 I guess I must learn to calm down and let go of stress!

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Hi Myratas,

Do not stress too much or that will not do BP any good xx

I hope you get hearing sorted, I shout now as I am going a bit deaf what with sea noises and ears always feel like

I haven't washed them. I have though honestly.

Hope you get it/ears sorted xx

Good Luck


WinB143 xx

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Oh Myra, you've certainly been through it since I met you on here ... xx

Think that my hearing is becoming a slight problem too .. not sure whether that's just an age thing or is it due to the SAH? Mine is only slight and often Eric can ask me if I can hear something and I say "no" ... but if I really listen to the described noise, then I can hear it, albeit faintly. It does make me wonder whether my brain has learnt the behaviour to block out unwanted noise because of the SAH and what I can tolerate? Who knows!

Hope that you can manage to get your BP under control and try not to stress out ... easier said than done, I know. My physical symptoms, even at 8 years on, seem to vary from one week to another....the worse one that's been affected, has been my eyesight/balance and when these two are out of sync, my ears tend to play up as well.

Glad that you have an appointment with the Neurologist and I hope that all goes well for you.

Take care lovely. xxx

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Sorry Myra about your hearing. I do not know how old you are or when your SAH was but mine was about 2 years ago and I either have super sonic hearing but unable to make out what they are saying or I misunderstand the words often it rhymes with the actual word. Background music and noise bother me and mess me up big time- like on TV if they are talking but music is playing in their background I cannot hear the voices as the musice part is too loud. Also my husband listens to TV on 24 volume but I am around 9-11!

I should be deaf as both my parents were really bad as they aged.

Good luck - at least they can help this and you need to get that BBP under control like yesterday!


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Hi Myra hope the hearing aid improves things for you and that the visit to the Neurologist doesn't pick up any further problems for you.

Off subject I had problems with my left eye a couple of months ago went to the optician who said my sight in my left eye had deteriorated quite badly since last check up 14 months before and referred me to my Doctor for more tests. Had an appointment with an Opthalmologist had loads of different tests I had never had before at the end of which he told me it all looked fine and it would have been better if he had seen it when it was affected.

Thought no more of it and put it down to third nerve palsy....how wrong was I recently had to allow an insurance company to contact my G.P due to medical history and was turned down for life insurance expected to see most of conditions listed but was surprised to see a condition I hadn't been told about "Optical Nueritis" of course googled it and it took me to the M.S site apparently O.N can be precursor for M.S my Doctor is now referring me to Neurology for testing as they can't do an MRI to look for lesions due to my clip. I don't think that it will be M.S but as I explained to my Doctor I have blamed all my symptoms post SAH on it so the testing will be to set my mind at rest.

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Hello Myra

I too have hearing problems - the constant buzzing of tinnitus makes a) just hearing and B) filtering out the background so hard. Like you my BP has gone crazy. 175/155 when I keeled over at rehab a few weeks ago. Not a good place to do that as they get all excited and want to keep you in the hospital - which is the last place I want to be.

So, with a load of pills which have made me very sick and dizzy, it came down to 160/100. Still not good enough in their books so I now have a different load of pills - which make me ............... sick and dizzy. I will go back next week to see if they have had the effect they desire.

As for the hearing, they don't want to hear about it - perhaps they can't hear either! The whole focus at the moment seems to be to rectify the BP and see what that does. I can't imagine it will have any effect on the hearing - I've had those symptoms ever since the SAH.

I only ever had one follow up after it and they said wait and see until the next one - but there never has been a next one. It's as if they just abandon you if you have survived the thing.

My thoughts and sympathies are with you - not much else I can offer.


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Hello friends of BTG

Just an update on the hearing issue, I had the hearing aid in October 2013 which improved but unfortunately I was having problems with the good ear and still found problems with the bad one too, I went to the ENT specialist last Friday and it seems I am going deaf in both ears now.

This problem could of been fixed when I was referred at the Royal Free Hospital in London but they did nothing even though it stated in the letter urgent consultation and now over the years it has completely damaged the nerves.

I had a MRI and other tests done last week and tomorrow they have made an appointment with the neurologist as they all feel it goes back to the SAH. I do have an option with surgery but there are no guarantees, I know they are doing there best but I am afraid for the unknown.

I am under a lot of stress as I will be moving to my own apartment soon and this was the last thing I needed. I really am trying to stay positive but on the positive note at least I am still here!

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