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Hi Everyone - Julie


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My name is Julie and I live in Arizona. I'm 57, single with two grown boys, 2 grandsons and a granddaughter on the way, just in time for Christmas.

I had my SAH August 7, 2013. I work for an OB/GYN office and had just come back from lunch. Got a little stomachache and felt the need to go to the restroom so got up and headed off. Don't remember going into the bathroom or doing what is necessary to GO to the bathroom only remember being on the throne and seeing double with no peripheral vision. I had this feeling that I had lost some time.

I knew something was wrong, so knowing I was on the pottie figured I needed to wipe but when I went to get the tissue I couldn't get ahold of it. My hand seemed to go to it but I couldn't GET it and that's when I noticed my hand was all twisted up. I made myself get up and pull my pants up (thank gosh I could do that) and found it difficult to get to the door. I could hardly walk as I was numb on one side and dizzy and vision was off. I managed to get out the door and drag myself down the hall to find one of our Physician Assistants.

They knew something was wrong but I said "I think I'm having a stroke". They called 911 (I remember them telling some one to call) then I must have passed out. I just remember bits and pieces for a few minutes. I remember EMT saying they were lifting me, then nothing, I remember being wheeled out of the office, then nothing again till several days later.

The weird things is my co-workers said I was answering questions, they also said soon after the EMT's got me up I had a seizure.

Luckily the hospital was right across the street from my work and one of my co-workers came along with me till my family could get there. She said I was answering some questions, like my birthdate, but really, really slow and when they asked other information I just stared.

When my family came my daughter in law said I was talking but seemed out of it. The neurosurgeon came in and was talking to me and then I had another seizure. Apparently I was then put into a medically induced coma and whisked off for a cerebral angiogram, CT and whatever else.

The only thing they found was old dried blood, a small amount, no active bleeding and no aneurysm. They couldn't find the origin of the bleed. When I look back I realized I had had a really bad headache several days before, never had anything like that before. Made me sick to my stomach and felt like something had shot through my head. I layed down for about an hour and the intensity subsided but still had a dull headache up until I went to the hospital. Told I could have had a sentinel headache.

Anyway, I was in the hospital for 8 days. This has to be the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

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Hi Julie

Welcome to the site and the family. So very sorry that this has happened to you, but you have done the hardest part - you survived.

It is a very scary thing to happen, especially when you don't know what's happened. I too was answering questions, even though I don't remember being asked them and certainly don't remember answering. I even took an earring out that no one else could do - don't remember that either.

Feel free to ask any questions on here - there's bound to be someone who can relate or has experienced the same thing.

Take it easy, get plenty of rest and drink lots of water - it really does help with the brain repairing itself.

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Hi Julie :)

A very warm welcome to BTG....so glad you found us !

Very early days for you, and as Sami has said drink plenty and rest up as much as you can.

It is a very scary time. You will find lots of helpful information and support here :)

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Take care.

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