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What not to say to someone with a brain injury.

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Hi Penny,

How true all of this is - and usually said in such a condescending manner. Also to tread you into the ground so the other can advance at your expense ie, convince everyone else that you are mad and not the same capable person you were before. Absolute rubbish but if they say it enough times without challenge others start to believe it. I've seen it enough in my own job and it irritates me no end. I complain about it and then they call me unstable! Can't win, so I stay calm now, listen to what they have to stay and then bite with a lightning quip - rehearsed usually, but they don'y know that - if it's good enough for Morecambe and Wise it's good enough for me. I think they only do it to cover up their own lack of ability or competence.

If that's the only way they can get at us we're doing ok - it's their problem not ours! Long live Behind the Gray - best support group ever - do they get a Grammy for that? or a Brit award? Ha ha!

Seriously, let them get on with it - if they are concentrating on us they're taking their eye off the ball and are weakened themselves because of it!

Thanks for bringing it up Penny - I'll get off my soap box now!



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