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Hello To Everyone

Guest linzi

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Hi there!

I've just joined..and wanted to say hi to everyone.

I had a SAH in December 05. At the time it was very hard for me, when I came home from hospital and I felt very isolated and alone. It's hard for people to understand what you are going through, because with a bit of make up on I looked great!

However.. luckily I'm here and I'm doing well.. and believe you me I did go through some very down days.

I would love to be there for anyone who feels it would be good to talk to an SAH survivor .. and listen to you and help you in any way I can.

We all have different experiences to share and some of us may have more support than others.. however please never feel alone.

If I can help in anyway..just by being there and hopefully making you smile..please do contact me.

I look forward to being part of this forum.

Take care all,

L xx

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Hey Linzi

Welcome to the 'family'.

Did you day your SAH went after/during intercourse? So did mine :oops: I'm very nearly 1 year post SAH and it has been the hardest, longest year of my life.

Look forward to hearing from you

Sami xx

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Hi there Sami and thankyou for your warm welcome also :D

Yes mine's happened during intercourse. I am nearly 2 years down the line now.. as it happened in December 05. Scary isn't it! Having a nice lunch then some afternoon delights lol..and look what happened!

You just never know the minute!

I would say year one was a nightmare and it's only been over the last few months that I've felt more human again..however I did have a personal thing that happened this Dec 06, that added some stress to my life, which is thankfully over now! For some reason December never seems to be a good month for me!

This December I'll be 36 and I'm taking myself off on holiday in the hope that this year I'll be able to have a good birthday..sitting in the sun with some bubbly!

Sami, if you'd like to talk via msn or yahoo, please feel free to pm me and we can swap details and hopefully chat soon.

Meanwhile you take care and I do hope that you are feeling much better now. We are lucky to be here..and you are lucky to have such a caring man in your life.

L x

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Hi Aine

Thankyou :D for your welcome also! Oh I feel so loved :lol::lol: What a lovely place this is!!

I've still to get round and read lots of posts and get to know more and more people and their stories .. and I will.

I'm just glad that we are all here to talk. Scary how we ended up here (if you get my drift) but good that we made it!

Aine .. how long has it been since your SAH, if you don't mind me asking?

Hugs 2 all my new friends...especially Sami & Janet with whom I chatted with earlier on msn .. * and sadly Janet seems to have lost her msn as I was trying to help her upgrade to the new groovier version..oops!! SORI JANET!!!*

L xx

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My SAH was on Halloween this year. I had already been off work for 6 weeks and had just returned 1 day and 1 hour. It now appears I had an SAH in Sept they missed it sent me home told me it was a migraine, even though I felt I was dying, I came round not too bad by week 3 then the fatigue set in but made it back to work and then the next big explosion and hydracephaleus as well this time, it seems I had a couple of mini bleeds as well in that time.

Can you tell I'm bitter. Am actually starting to come out of the woods now, I see some light and the end of this tunnel. Saw a Neuro Psychologist the other day, that was fascinating and really boosted by spirits. I will get my story up some day. If you look at the left hand side under everyone's name you should see the date of the SaH, You can add your one in too.

Aine xox

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Thanks Aine for getting back to me.

I just felt really stoopid there whilst I was reading you saying it happened on Halloween..I saw the thing under your name and thot "duh"!!!

My excuse is I'm tired!!! SORRY!!! I will get my info added to my profile right now!!!

Well you are nearly a one year SAH.. and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Don't push yourself and try not to get frustrated. It'll all come right in the end. (btw can you ask ur mum if it's okay if I send my ironing up by Fedex lol!! I have a massive pile to do .. and I hate ironing!! I finished with my ex who used to do all the ironing!! Why did I finish that relationship lol!!! We still chat.. so maybe if I speak nicely to him he might help out lol!!) I hope you enjoy your time with your mum & have a lovely time :D

Anyways.. Profile update..walk dog .. and then sleep!! Me is so tired!!! Too many late nights.. as opposed to my Haemmorhage making me fatigued.. it's nice to feel "normal" tiredness again..as opposed to feeling like someone or something has taken over your body!!

Right .. I talk too much lol!! nite nite all xx

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Hi Linzi,

Welcome to BTG as you've already found out it's a great place. There is so much to be said for being around people who understand because they've been/going through it as well.

Just one thing, on your details you say "near stroke" a SAH is a stroke. A haemorraghic stroke as opposed to ischemic stroke.


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Hi Rince (ps before I start..please note I still struggle to spell these big medical words..so I hope you can give me abbreviations to put next to my name etc ..cheers)!

Thanks for your message and nice to meet you too!

I had a Subarachnoid Brain Heaemmorhage on the right hand side of my head which the Neurosurgeon said was grade 3/4 and that I'd been very lucky, to still be here!

This happened in Dec 05 and I had a coiling done. I go back for my final 2 year scan this December, although not received an appointment through yet. Thankfully my 6 month check .. ct angio and mri or mra (always get confused lol) matched up.. so instead of having to go in as an in-patient .. when I got back I just have to go for the MRI/or A one..that big long tube that you go in!!! Thank goodness as keeping my leg still for 3 hours after the CT angio wasn't an easy task and saves the "risk" factor that comes with it (stroke wise)!! SO all in all I'm doing great! Thank goodness! Although I'm not 100% totally back to normal.. I am nearly there! It's not been easy..but it does get easier! Can only say that now looking back!

Anyways, after my annureysm popped and I had the bleeding/haemmorhage/coiling, as is very common, I was monitored with doppler scans as my head spasms had gone off the richter scale! I was whisked down to get another angio or op.. (gawd must ask my mum again as it all goes blank)..then all I remember is being in the high dependancy ward (well bits of it..the bits where I must have been getting better when i wanted food lol..as there was none..well there was if you count liver!!!) (lol .. every morning when they woke me with the usual .."do you know where you are" "who is the Prime Minister" etc.. well another day I'll tell u that story.. and I'll tell u my little story about food!)

My parents were told I may have a stroke due to the spams being so high and to prepare for the this! Daily and every 4 hours and when I left hospital, for a few days.. I had to take Nimodipim (sorry spelling wrong I know .. to ensure the spams kept down.

Through looking at websites..sorry but I thought SAH was short for (and saving me typing lol) SUBARACHNOID HAEMORRHAGE??!?! Well it's that .. that I had..and afterwards, due to the spasms being so high..they used to the word "stroke" which is very common in the first few days after a Brain Hem, I believe!

Thankyou Rince for pointing that out to me.. is there a shortened version for what I had??? I'm all confused now!

What should I write next to my name..please help !!


L x

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Hey Linzi

I think you're right in the SAH abbreviation hun. And I guess when you say "near stroke" you're referring to what happened after the SAH not the SAH itself - meaning that you almost suffered a stroke after the bleed - which like Scott said IS a type of stroke.

Catch you later

Sami xxx

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Thanks Sami for ur reply.

I didn't realise a brain hem was still classed as a stroke, but yes I am referring to a "stroke" that I nearly too after the brain hem.

Should I change my details next to my name..or do they make sense now?? LOL!!

L xx

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Guest Hannah

Welcome Linzi,

If you are going over old posts you'll notice that I loiter around here because my mum had a SAH.

It is a bit confusing with the old SAH/stroke tags... my mum had her SAH a stoke in itself and then had severe vasospasm which led to a more severe stroke.

Doing well now though!

take care


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Hi Hannah and hello to you to.

I'm sorry to hear about your mum.. however I'm glad she is doing better now.

Yes .. that's the same re me.. it was the vasospams..(had forgot that word)..and they were off the richter scale.

After a brain hem.. the worry is that people can have a stroke (and not a heamoragic one (sorry for the typos/spelling errors)! Am I right?!?! Cause that's what they told me?!?!

I wish you and your mum well Hannah.

Take care,

L xx

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Hi Linzi

Welcome to the site! I'm just a bit further down the road of post-SAH than you, and I can also vouch for the healing benefits of time.... ;)

You'll love it here - I'm still fairly new, and love how everyone makes you feel so special and welcome.

We've got a couple of things in common - I'll be 36 this year, and like you, I'm single (this lot are all loved up, on the whole!)

I'd love to catch up with some of you for a chat online, although coming from IT I'm not a fan of the dreaded MSN - I'd do it for this lot! I always look in the chat room here, but aside from nearly bumping into Aine once, it's always empty.

Enjoy the site!

Blondie x

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Hiya Blondie

Thanks for your warm welcome. Hopefully we'll get to chat sometime soon.

I'm glad you are doing well.. it does get easier and I think it's important for people to know that.. because on thinking back.. it felt that it would never get easier! I felt I would never be able to do the things I used to do due to lack of energy and headaches!!! Yes we are all different and will suffer different things (sadly) and some will heal better/quicker than others... but with the support from people on this wonderful forum.. hopefully "this" in itself, gives people some hope.

Ah so everybody is loved up! Perhaps we should get Karen to start a dating section for us lol!!! Somebody must know some nice men that we could meet Blondie!!

If you fancy chatting on msn, pm me ur details and look forward to chatting soon. I'll also pop my head into the chat room at some point, here, to see if anyone's around.

Take care and have a lovely weekend.

L x

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Hi Ladies,

I don't know about the dating section bit! :lol:

It's been quite hard to get people to use the chat room facility ... sometimes it's better to post up a time/day on the SAH MB and just say that you'll be looking in etc. It seemed to work a while ago.... somebody would suggest a day, time etc and then quite a few people would come online. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to spend on it now, especially since the site has become busier.

I'm sure that there must be a knight in shining armour out there for you both! :)

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Hello Linzi

Welcome to BTG, feel a bit of a fraud, coz I've not been a member that long myself, but I've been watching since its birth.

I've been made to feel really welcome, almost like I've "come home".

I've been very involved in a stroke support group, so its been really nice for me to communicate with other SAH survivors, they'res not many of us around.

I had a grade 4 SAH in December of 1999 (no millenium celebrations for me), but I'm still making improvements. Not huge ones, just every now and again I'll notice I'm doing something I could'nt do a few months before :)

I look forward to reading more about you.

All The Best

Julie C

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Hiya Julie

Thankyou for your lovely message...and nice to meet you too.

It's a lovely wee place here..isn't it!!

Well done Karen and family etc for setting it up :D

Take care

L xx

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Hello Linzi and a belated welcome to the site. I've only just caught up on all the posts after being away for a couple of weeks.

I've been around here almost since the beginning and I've seen this site go from strength to strength. You'll find a great bunch of people here.



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Sorry not to have said hello before now, so a great huge one to make up for it. Things have been really hectic in fact too busy something had to give going on the computer last thing in the evening was my choice sorry :roll:

Glad to hear you are greatly improving and yes I understand and feel about head aches.

Like you I get confused about proper names and spellings I'm just not the sharpest knife in the box now but what the heck :lol:

Have to go to work now and earn a crust of bread to keep the wolf from the door and he seems a hungry wolf :lol:

Take care,


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