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Well 2 and a half years later!

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Hi everyone


Well where do I start I'm now just over 2 and a half years down the line from my op in the last year I've done a college course in electronic accounts Sageline 50 got first class passes in all three levels which I got told level 3 is a A level equivalent.


Fatigue and tiredness has affected me like crazy, now I've just got a job 30 hours a week over 3 days and now I'm finding that I'm spending most of the days in between work I need my sleep. Why don't people understand why I'm so tired. ???  :-(

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30 hours over 3 days is 10 hours of work per day. Difficult to keep up for even anyone who has not had a SAH. I am not surprised you are whacked on your days off. Is there any chance the company would let you spread the hours over 5 days?

Congratulations on getting a job in this economic climate, not easy for anyone.

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Well the job I've got is driving again but it's only a little van 5.30am start. I deliver sandwiches, baguettes and baps around Chesterfield and Matlock so has to be early start and lasts 10 hours. But its a job, couldn't live on 44 pound DLA I guess I'm a ticking time bomb again but I have to live. This country doesn't care about us. FACT !

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