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More surgery after initial endovascular coiling

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Hi Remy here from Woodbridge, Ontario Canada. I had endovascular coiling done after my SAH in July, 2014. I went for my follow up MRI with the surgeon in October and he told me that due to settling of the coils in the anuerysm that I needed more coils and scheduled additional surgery on November, 2014. He told me that 10-15% of persons that have endovascular coiling experience this settling. Just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I am very apprehensive re the surgery. Thanks.

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Hi Remy,

I was coiled but I have not experienced the settling as you describe.  I know that it is a possibility, though, and I was told about it when I was operated on initially before they let me home (some 4 years ago now).


Surgery is always a risk of course, but what is the alternative?  Does the risk of having it done outweigh the risk of not having it done? Only your doctors can tell you that.


I am sure some of the others on here may have experienced this but I think it goes without saying that I would be apprehensive too and I can fully empathise with that position.  Discuss it with your doctors to try and allay your worries.


I wish you well my friend and am sure some of the others will comment soon.. let us know what happens!



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I forget who Remy but I saw a post on here about this and someone had it done .

Cannot remember who though !!  I'm a lot of help.


Try and not be scared, (easy to say !!)  but I know all will be well xx


Good luck and keep us informed xx


Best Wishes


WinB143 xx

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Hi there warm welcome glad you found the site.


Yes I've heard of it, and there's someone on here that has had that done recently I'm sure...


I know its easy for me to say but do try not to worry about it..


sending calm thoughts your way.


take care

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Hi Remy,


Welcome to Behind the Gray.  I am one of those who had some more coils put in after the original ones had compacted and therefore blood was still entering the aneursym.  I too was anxious and worried about going through the procedure once again, but I got through it ok and you will too. 


I am coming up to the 6th anniversary of my sah on 8th November and my re-coiling eventually took place in the October following the sah, having been cancelled a couple of times on the day I was to go in, due to more urgent cases taking priority.


Despite me getting worked up over it, I was only in hospital for 3 days as opposed to 11 days for the sah. I think the surgeon /radiologists are better able to see things as there isn't the blood everywhere like there is following the sah.


I appreciate how you feel, but time doesn't stop still and soon it will be all over, at which point you will feel relieved, can relax again and congratulate yourself on how well you've done to get through it!


Best wishes,


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Hi Remy,

Di here.. Following SAH 27th Dec 2013, I had coiling, and was due for 6 month MRI in June, however, I was experiencing severe headaches and the MRI was brought forward, which showed Significant Coil compaction I posted here under this thread at the time looking for some reassurance as I was so so anxious, in terms of going back to hospital for more brain surgery.


The hospital did offer to book an appointment with neuro department to discuss risks etc..they call it elective surgery. But I took the view - it had to be done and that was that and also some of the lovely people on here reminded me that the surgeon didn't have the original bleed to contend with. Brave or what not! Totally crapped myself the night before so maybe on hindsight I should have had that chat with the neuro team! but you know, at that time, I just wanted it all to be over Asap.


Further coiling and a stent was carried out 13th August, a four and a half hour op and back to HDU and I was discharged the following day at lunchtime. Here in the UK it is standard to give clopidogrel for 3 months as well as aspirin to prevent clotting around the stent. Unfortunately, I didn't take too well on this drug and have experienced every severe side effect going, which has taken it's toll. However, I finish this drug in a few weeks, so happy days, and I continue the aspirin for another year.


All in all, it was a very straight forward procedure, as my neuro nurse said "we carry out this procedure every single day". Have faith Remy and all will be well. You will be in good hands and positive thoughts for you.

Di/poppy. Xx

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