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Advice please on symptoms 1 year on fron SAH

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Hi, i'm new to this forum and thought you'd be well qualified enough to give me some advice. Last September, I had a SAH, after having 3 months off I went back to work as a primary school teacher full time (after phased return). I felt much beter but was just getting occasional headaches. Reached my one year anniversary feeling great but then coming up to the start of November, I started getting headaches that didn't really seem to go whether I took paramax or any tablets. I went to my doctors who referred me back to the hospital. Since then I have been off of work and have suffered with headaches, tenderness around my head, shaky legs, dizziness, blurriness in front of my eyes, nausea, sometimes loss of appetite, exhaustion, light hurts if sudden, tenderness at bottom at spine, runny nose/ sneezing and paleness. I have got a consultants appointment for the 8th Jan and have been told to go to A&E if I feel I need to (trouble is I don't trust my local hosp as they didn't diagnose my SAH for a week!). Doe anyone else get these symptoms? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Speak to your neurologist NOW. Could be nothing but those are very similar symptons to those I had with hydrocephalus, even if it's only to discount it you should get to your doctor asap. Leaving it medium to long term can be dangerous but don't worry can treated with a shunt in worse case senarios. Again don't panic but get medical advice soon.


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Thanks for reply, I have seen my doctor 3 times who have been in touch with my neurosurgeon/ consultant. He said that they only had one outpatients clinic before Christmas and was fully booked thats why I had to wait till January. I do have better days though as well a rough days. I have a bad 3 weeks but then last couple of weeks have been up and down!

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If you're in any doubt at all, then your GP/Doc should be able to refer you to A & E with a covering letter.

I had to be re-admitted last year .... the GP saw me and told me that I should go to A & E as soon as possible......he was even willing to call an ambulance to take me .... he also phoned the hospital in advance. When you've had a SAH, you'll find that the hospital will take you more seriously.

If you feel unwell, rely on your gut instinct and don't worry about what anybody thinks.

I've had plenty of scares in the last 2 and a half years ...... I've got a feeling that I'll probably have more, but you need to do what's good for you and not worry about making a nuisance of yourself.

Take care.

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I too have had problems that needed attention since my discharge and have concluded the only way to get the help I need is to call an ambulance. It seems to be the only way to be taken seriously. I also visited the ER as a walk in, but waited for 12 hours and was then sent home without the right paperwork for my follow up testing. It ended up being a nightmare of consultant appointments and specialist follow-ups. All would have been accomplished in a couple days if they had taken me more seriously in the ER. Instead it took months.

You have undergone something very serious. Don't be afraid to let the system know how serious you think this is. Call an ambulance if you are feeling bad. .

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