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I had an IPH?

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I just read my docs diagnoses on my most recent paperwork to see it said Acute intraparenchymal hemorrhage. I looked that up to see it meant bleeding within the brain tissue. Is this even worse than SAH? The MRI report also mentioned missing tissue. Maybe they needed to remove brain tissue to get rid of the blood? Anyone else have this diagnosis?

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Don't know I looked it up but it made my head hurt lol xx


You are alive xx 


You also need to ask Doc to explain it to you  xx


I cannot pronounce half of the words, sorry I cannot help but Doc will xx xx


Keep Happy



Win xx xx

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Afraid to say that I haven't heard of IPH but I did look it up on Wikipedia. You really need to discuss this with your Doctor or your mind will go into overdrive and imagine all sorts of nasties which may not be the case... and you will drive yourself nuts with the worry and stress of the unknown!


Go and ask the questions that you need answering and hopefully it will help to avert any unnecessary stress, which isn't particularly good for us post SAH.


Wishing you well. xx 

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Hi Mandie,


Both Karen and Win are right, you need to speak to your doctor, they will explain

exactly what IPH means.


I looked my diagnosis up on line and frightened the life out of myself, don't do it

because it will mess with your head, causing you stress that you don't need.


Take care

Michelle xx

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