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Brandi-New Member-SAH survivor :)


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Hi my name is Brandi, I live in Iowa. I'm a pediatric nurse and proud mother of 5 beautiful children ranging in age from 21-2 1/2 years old.  I've been reluctant to join a support group....for reasons unknown. But here I am. I'm going on 3 years since my SAH and thankful for each and every day!


My SAH occurred after returning home from the delivery of my 5th child. It was a Saturday, and I felt GREAT all day. At exactly 4pm, I felt this pain behind my right ear, and then the "headache from hell" began. At first I just assumed it was a post epidural headache as I've had those before, they are pretty miserable. So I layed flat on my back and waited for the pain to subside......needless to say, it didn't.

After a few phone calls to my GP and OB, we decided that something just wasn't quite right. My pain was a tiny bit better when I stood up, worse when I sat down, and unbearable when I layed down. My OB stated that if it were an post epidural headache, this would not be the case. Within 20 of the "headache from hell" onset, my kidneys starting dumping and I had to race to the bathroom to pee every 10 minutes.....not just a little....but A LOT, like I hadn't peed for days.

I never knew the kidneys could work so fast! Once that started I knew I needed to get to the ER. It took them a while to figure things out but after 2 CT's.....we had answers and the neurosurgeon said I just bought myself a suite in the ICU.


Long story short.....11 day stent in the ICU, angiogram, MRI, many Doppler's, PICC line, Magnesium reaction, vomiting, and NOT being able to see my newborn......I was able to return home to my family. As most of you know the fatigue is unexplainable and something I've never felt before. I had double vision for 6 weeks and was terrified it would never return to normal. My Neurosurgeon assured me that my vision would eventually return to normal as my brain continued to recover.......Thank God it did!!!

My follow up angiogram and MRI showed that everything was resolving as it should. The constant residual headaches continued for well over a year. Today, they are remarkably improved, although they do still happen. With the exception of some mild anxiety issues and the occasional memory loss (which is normal after having kids and reaching age 40, LOL) I am just as I was prior to my SAH. Woo Hoo! 


I am very very thankful to be a survivor! I am so blessed to be able to see my children grow up. My view on life has changed, and I've learned to find peace & happiness in the smallest of things. I am looking forward to learning from other survivors. :)

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Hi Brandi


Welcome to BTG although a little delayed from the event. How awful to be separated from your newborn and other 4 children. You are a brave woman having 5 kids!

Glad to hear that you are almost back to normal, gives me hope! I am 7 month post bleed and still working on it thought I realise I have come a long way. I too am very thankful to be a survivor and am glad I found this site to be able to share my fears and worries.

Looking forward to hearing from you - that's when you have time with those 5 kids! lol!


Clare xx

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Hi Brandi,


I had my SaH in 2009 and vvhen I came to this site I vvas scared but I savv others on here and I thought there is a life after a vvhat happened to us.  


So instead of getting my funeral planned lol  I started living again, I vvas told I'd never vvalk,  100 steps novv  (before back gives out).


I vvill type later as my keys are sticking really bad lol.   You may have noticed by 2 v's  = VV


VVelcome to BTG and I hope you and family are all vvell,  hovvs the youngest doing, vvell I hope


You are brave vvoman having 5 children,   I had 1 and it hurt me lol,   vvish I could have had more xx



VVinb143  xxx  No  laughing at my typing lol  xx Speak later and do pop into the Green room informal chit chat xx

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Hey Brandi, welcome to the site. I am in Texas. Funny, I waited a long time before I posted on the site, although I visited frequently. There is a great group of folks here, always ready to help with advice or support or just to laugh at ourselves. The SAH wasn't fun, but it does make you look at life differently. Enjoy those beautiful children!

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