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MRI follow up

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I just need to get this down on paper and out of my head - not that it's going to stop me worrying over it.


About 5 weeks ago I was referred to a Neurologist because of other health issues and cutting a long story short he ordered a lumbar puncture and an MRI of my spine.


Two weeks ago today I had the lumbar puncture but consequently spent 3 days and nights in my local hospital because of a low pressure headache (spinal pressure 13) which got worse instead of better. Thankfully that has cleared up.

I'd told the Neurologist that I was due to have a head MRI in September to check on my collapsed coils so he said he'd try and get them done together.

I am having the combined MRI next Wednesday which is good - saves on the travelling. The neurologist has already sent me a follow up appointment for the end of December, so confident is he of not finding anything wrong!


Anyway, the whole point of this rambling is to say that I had another appointment letter through yesterday to see my consultant radioneurologist ( he did my coiling op) for an hour after I have the MRI!!! When I saw him a few months ago he said he'd either talk to me on the phone or have me in later to discuss the results of the scan.


I phoned the hospital today to check that it wasn't a mistake, but they told me that there was even a note on my records to say I might be a bit late getting to the appointment depending on how long the scan takes.  I asked if it was usual to have an appointment straight after a scan and at such short notice, and was told it was probably because I have to travel - it only takes an hour up the motorway! Not that they'd tell me anything anyway.


I can't believe that the hospital is so switched on that they can accommodate me that easily when it is notoriously hard to get appointments within months let alone a week.

Am I being paranoid? My feeling is that they have found something in my spinal fluid or that my local hospital have told them about the headache.


I know, I know. It's all conjecture and I'll find out next Wednesday anyway, but I just wanted to ask you if you think the appointment straight after the scan is a bit unusual.


Thank you for listening to the rant.

Love to all

Debbie xx :crazy:



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You will worry, as it's natural but I went to Kings college approx. 1 1/2 hours away (that's one and a half) ha ha.


I saw my surgeon for the first time and afterwards  I had my MRI, and then !! I had to see two juniors who where doing a follow up onmy SAH and they didn't know how to take my blood.  I went "stop get someone who knows what they are doing"  phew lol !!


So perhaps it makes sense to get it over with in 1 visit, anyway good luck and  try not to worry too much xx


Good Luck


Win xx xx No Stress remember  xx Easily said xx

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I'm not sure how things are done across the sea, but when I was still seeing my neuro radiologist and surgeon it was common for them to double up the appointments. They generally had clinic appointments one day a week and since everything went straight to computer files they would review results with me right away. Maybe it's better to not have to wait and stew about what the results might be??

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So I'm not going to tell you not to worry as its natural to question and wonder but I agree with the other two and also the time spent worrying will just rob you of some time you could spend doinb some more enjoyable stuff.

Sometimes the NHS can surprise us in its ability to be efficient so hopefully that's what's at play here and if it isn't then just hold onto the fact that there can be nothing too amiss as you would have been straight in by now.

My annual MRi date just got scheduled , a little later than it should but they called me to explain that's because they wanted to give me a later appointment because they know it's a journey like Wins and want me to avoid rush hour and it was the first they could offer. Sometimes human care, logic and thought does come into play!

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