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Guest malathi

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Guest malathi

Hi...I would like to introduce myself..I am Malathi. I am attacked with SAH on Jan5th 2008. I had a sudden stroke and after all the scans and angiogram, doctor confirmed that I had 5 anneurysms (3 on the right side and 2 on the left side). I had to undergo 2 major surgeries on the left and right side of my brain within a span of 15 days. The surgeries went well and I am recovering from the event. I have 2 year old kid who co-operated me a lot during the hard days and my family gave me very good support.

I started going to work recently and I am lucky to have a very understanding and supporting team.

I came to know about this site while browsing the net and felt that it is very helpful to share information regarding SAH with others and also know experiences of others.

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Hi Malathi and welcome to the website! :D

It sounds as though you've had a rough time..... I'm amazed that you've been able to return to work so quickly!

Hope that you are finding the website useful and look forward to hearing more from you.....

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Guest janey

Hi Malathi and welcome to the site

I am still pretty new to here as well, but have been touched by the kindness shown to me.

I am sure you can only benefit from the help and support that the members offer.

I too am impressed by your recovery skills, considering the ordeal you have been through

Welcome Malathi


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Guest malathi


Thanks for the responses. I am really very happy .. I am able to talk and share my feelings and problems with the member and the response is really great.

Yeah I had a good recovery but still having surgery pains getting headaches often. My mom took my baby to India because she wanted me to recover soon.. and after she left I was getting bored alone at home. So started going to work 3 or 4 hrs a day as my office is just 5 mn walk from my home.

I come back when ever I feel tired take rest and then do the balance work from home. I am a software engineer so I have the facility to work from home.

I have a post surgery angiogram this friday. I just hope everything goes well and the angiogram gives a good result.



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Hi Malathi,

a big welcome to this wonderful site, its full of loveley people all willing to share their experiences of SAH.

It sounds as though you are making a great recovery but you must take it easy and not do too much. Listen to what your body is saying.

All the best for your angiogram on Friday

Love Suexx

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Hi Malathi

Welcome to the site and the family.

It sounds like you're doing remarkably well so soon - but yeah, you must listen to your body and not over do it - but while you feel up to it then great.

Take care and speak some soon

Sami xxx

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