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Hello everyone!  


I am a survivor of SAH almost 7 years May 2017.  The accounts of my SAH started with a slight throb resembles to a hangover, then climax to to like a constant thundering in my head.  I went to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a ruptured vessel in the subarachnoid space.


 I was transported to Emory and they stated that this was serious.  Two days later I was prepped for surgery and MRI scan came back and the ruptured vessel has repaired itself and the aneurysm was no longer there...6 years later no aneurysms are present.


 However,  I suffered some visual, hearing, and memory impairment.  I'm still always fatigued, I've loss interest in things I love to do.  I've been abandoned by my closest friends, they do not  understand what is going on internally all they see is my normal self.   I've started therapy and I hope this will make me feel better.


 Any suggestions out there?

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Hello BigE ....thanks for posting on BTG. A warm welcome to the site.  It is clear that you are looking for support and guidance about your SAH. Was it May 2010 ?


You will find the various Forums on this site a great help as you take time to read in more detail. Also, the members of BTG will be in touch to share their thoughts and their experiences.


I am so sorry to learn that some of your closest friends have failed to give you their support at the time you needed it most. You are not alone in finding this. I do hope that you are not alone in dealing with your recovery. The issues you describe are experienced by many recovering from SAH to a greater or lesser extent and I am sure these will also be discussed as members read your comments.


Can you say a little more about your therapy ?


Please keep in touch, and don`t hesitate to continue to ask questions, and I am sure your experiences during the past six and a half years would also be a great benefit to BTG members .




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Hi there


Warm welcome glad that you found us.


I too am sorry to hear that your friends have dispersed they were no real friends then - I too had that with friends and family too, they see your ok on the outside but its the inside stuff they cant see but good your getting therapy it really can help a lot..


take care onward and forward

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Hello BigE,

When I had my SAH/bleed my hubby and Daughter were great.  Now roll forward 7 years and I am a pain lol.


Life goes on and Family support was great but we are in this for the long haul, and that is what others do not understand.


Greg who is on here sent a link for us to read, it explains what we go through and fatigue and tiredness to name but 2.


Wish you well BigE and keep going onwards and upwards, keep a smile close at hand for the down days and try

singing !!


My answer to all ills is to sing happy songs, and remember you are not alone xxx keep typing when down or you need to vent your problems.


Good luck


Win  ~  No Stress my Surgeon said xx



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