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New to site, Hi my name is Stacey


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Hi,  Im new to site. I recently went to neurosurgeon with uncle,  he has two small anyeurysms,  my mother had one removed years ago.  So surgeon said it would be good iidea to get mra since my  family history.


Went to my doc to read report but he had to look up what it meant.  "Probable infundibula at the origins of bilateral posterior communicating arteries. 2. 3mm on left 1. 8mm on right.


 Should I see neurologist? 

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Hi Stacey :-)


A very warm welcome to BTG. 


I agree with Super Mario, definitely  ask for a referral for peace of mind because of your family history.


Keep in touch and let us know how you get on. 


Take care,

Tina xx

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Hi Stacey and welcome to site, we have a family history of aneurysms, I had a large one which bled and my sister has 4 which are small and not being treated.  My aunt unfortunately died of an anuerysm.  My daughter had MRI and fortunately nothing, son lives in America where cost is prohibitive!


With respect to your results, if GP was not helpful I would ask to speak to neurologist, I am sure if anything was really of concern you would have been seen urgently, but understanding results is crucial to your peace of mind!


Let us know how you get on x


Sharon x

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