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Hi Anne

I dont get a tired jaw as such, just cant open it very wide. Found eating hard at first, because it hurt and ached. Is a little better now, but still not as it was, I suppose time will tell !!

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Keith, you are truly wicked - but we love ya :lol:

I don't get tired jaws but the right hand side does sometimes lock/slip and I have to click it back into place. Other than that, i wish I had some difficulty in eating - might help the diet !!!!


Sami xxx

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I don't get tired jaws either but I can't open my mouth as wide as I used to (I have a big gob!) and often find myself wincing when I yawn or try to brush my teeth. My surgeon said this may be due to the nerves and/or muscles being damaged during my op.

The ramifications of an SAH just keep on rolling in ...

Leo xxx

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