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Hi all,


Had my SAH 7th January and still have odd days nausea and headache. I know this is probably normal but just looking for reassurance really . My anxiety about everything is really bad currently ,but this is probably normal too. Any advice , reassurance and so on gratefully received.



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I too felt weak and anxious being home. Its perfectly normal especially if you are pushing too hard to get back to your old life. Lots of rest and plenty of water are essential to your recovery, rest in a quiet, dark and peaceful. Don't assume sitting watching TV or chatting is rest because it really isn't!! If you broke your leg youd stay off it for 6 weeks, your brain is never still even when you're sleeping x 

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Hi Josie,


My Daughter has panic attacks and she always keeps water with her when she feels uptight.

I wish you good luck on anxiety and hope it goes.  


I had a weird feeling like a migraine and my eye went dotty so I assumed it was a migraine and this was in a Café.

Once my food came up and hubby came back, I felt secure xx  Food always helps me lol xx


Good luck and do not let anxiety win, you can beat it xx

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